Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush: Why It May Be A Powerful Choice!

Are you well aware that just about everything that you’ve ever used that might be referred to as an “appliance” is becoming much more advanced, Bluetooth capable, and offers features you never even conceived of? Just like you may be able to lock your car doors with your phone from work or turn on the washing machine from another room, the same exciting forward movement in technology applies to oral health care! While this is certainly good news for everyone, it is some truly powerful information for parents and their kids. If you’ve been wondering about what’s available for your children’s dental hygiene these days, our Dallas, TX team strongly suggests you learn more about the Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush.

The Fun Stuff

First, this toothbrush is one that your child can customize! It comes with eight stickers that can be swapped out in a heartbeat! Next, of course, is the Sonicare Toothbrush’s app character, named Sparkly, who will be guiding your child through some extremely beneficial interactions that promote dental care and oral health!

Design That Works For Everyone

The standard size head, the option to purchase a smaller one, the handle that accommodates your child’s hand or your hand if you need to take over, and the rubberized brush head that keeps developing tissues safe are all smartly designed to work for your family. Our team knows that when you seek out oral health products beyond the usual manual toothbrush, you want to be sure there aren’t any dangers or drawbacks you’re overlooking. Fortunately, we can say that this brush is safe and effective (and even offers two modes for older and younger kiddos). Did we mention it creates hundreds of strokes each second? It really is powerful in preventing problems like cavities.

Timed Sessions, No Matter What

One of your goals for your child’s dental hygiene is that each brushing session lasts two minutes long. However, this can be tricky with kids. Staring at a timer can work but it’s not necessarily something your child will respond to. With the Sparkly character and built-in timers, your child will be gently encouraged to brush longer (and to do a thorough job). Even better? Our team is happy to report that the brush and app will record the times, so you can keep up with your child’s progress.

Try Out Exciting Technology To Promote Excellent Oral Health

Make your child’s home dental care as fun and effective as it can be by adding interactive products into the mix. Looking for suggestions? Just ask! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Forest Hills, East Dallas, Mesquite, Garland, Richardson, and more.

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