Is Your Child Ready To Brush Their Teeth Without Help?


Is Your Child Ready To Handle Brushing And Flossing On Their Own?

Kids are typically ready to clean their teeth for themselves when they are around six or seven years old. At this point, they can maneuver a brush well enough to clean every part of their smile. Of course, even as they perform the task on their own, they can benefit from parental guidance! You can brush with them and monitor their routine to help them avoid mistakes and develop a sense of what good brushing will feel like.

Use Your Own Oral Hygiene Routine To Model Good Habits

You can serve as a role model for your kids in many ways. One small but important thing you can do for them is show them what good oral hygiene practices look like. Cleaning your teeth together will let you observe their behavior, but it also lets them see how you approach oral hygiene. Being able to see a good routine, and discuss why you take care to brush thoroughly, can give them smart behaviors to copy!

How Can I Make Sure My Child Sticks To Good Habits?

Checking in with kids as they clean their teeth will help, as will the feedback from their dentist regarding the state of their smile after a checkup. Keep in mind that brushing is just one action that protects us against dental decay. You also help your kids when you encourage them to maintain smart, healthy eating habits that limit sugar.

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