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3 Flossing Reminders That Can Really Help!

When we mention the fact that we would like to review a few flossing reminders to make dental hygiene easier for you and your kiddos, this may sound like music to your ears. You know, of course, that your children need to floss (and that adults need to floss, too). You are already aware that… Read more »

Your Kiddos’ Grins: How To Avoid Frantic Feelings On Valentine’s Day

Yep, we know it: Valentine’s Day will be here shortly, which means just about everyone is going to be indulging their sweet tooths and going full-force into what you may only be able to think of as a sugary oblivion. When you have kids, of course, any feelings of being overwhelmed by this potential oral… Read more »

Our Practice: Reminding You Who Is Welcome

You are well aware when you read our practice name that we are a pediatric dental practice in Dallas, TX. However, that may not completely satisfy your need for an answer. You may wonder who is included when it comes to pediatric dental care. Will this allow you to bring your kids in, no matter… Read more »

How To Catch Oral Health Concerns Early

One of the things that may cause you some anxiety when it comes to keeping your children’s grins in lovely condition may be the following: Wondering how to detect problems early, rather than once they have actually had time to lead to oral illness or damage. While it may seem quite mysterious and something that… Read more »

Parents: A Few Things To Keep In Your Bag For Safe Smiles

Whether you’re mom or dad, you’ve probably got some kind of bag that you’re carrying around with you when you’re out with the kids. Maybe you have a purse, handbag, backpack, bookbag, laptop case, or something else! Whatever you choose to tote along the essentials for yourself and your children, one thing is certain: When… Read more »

Ways to Make Your Child’s Smile Healthier

Learning and keeping up with good dental hygiene are the first steps to ensuring that your child enjoys a healthy, beautiful smile for life. However, much like your own smile, your child’s smile needs more than just a couple of sessions of teeth brushing and flossing. For parents in Dallas, TX, we offer a few… Read more »

Nap Time Tips for Healthy Young Teeth

  Shhhhhh! Has the little one finally gone down for a nap? Holiday times can be exhausting for any age, with heightened excitement and schedules completely out the window. However, good oral hygiene in Dallas, TX never takes a break, and it’s important to look after the dental health of babies, toddlers and children all… Read more »

Fight Chapped Lips On Young Smiles

As an adult, you know the discomfort of chapped lips, and the rough, scaly and even cracked skin that can follow. The tender skin of childrens’ lips is especially vulnerable to cold and dry weather in winter. Children’s chapped lips can include not only the lip skin itself, but also the skin that borders the… Read more »

2 Things Your Parents Said That You’re Now Saying (That Are True)

You may occasionally catch yourself saying something to your child and you immediately think to yourself, “Oh my goodness, I sound like my mom!” or, “Yep, it’s finally happening, I’m turning into my dad.” This is one of those ever-relatable moments that other parents can connect with because lo and behold, you are a parent… Read more »

Christmas Traditions: Making Them Safer For Smiles

In addition to the fun of giving and receiving gifts and the absolute beauty that comes with this time of year, are there certain Christmas traditions that you have established with your kids? If the answer is yes, we ask: Do you think that any of them may potentially be cause for concern in regard… Read more »