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Protect Those Little Smiles: Trick Or Treating Tips For Parents!

You already know all about the candies that can pose a potential problem for your kids’ smiles. If it’s super hard, it could crack teeth. If it’s very chewy, it will coat teeth and can dislodge braces. When it comes to selecting treats, rinsing and brushing teeth, and more, you are quickly becoming an expert!… Read more »

Why You Should Definitely Treat That Cavity Before Halloween!

Does your child have a cavity? Do you keep meaning to call us up to schedule your child’s beautiful white dental filling but you manage to forget about it or put it off because you have so many other things to do? While our Dallas, TX team can absolutely comprehend of a very busy schedule,… Read more »

Family Hand Washing: 3 Reasons To Start Now!

You have probably heard us mention before that it’s a good idea to wash your hands before you brush and floss your smile. You have probably thought about this before, though it doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily put it into practice. While this is certainly a wise decision any time of year (and all year long),… Read more »

Hey, That’s Not My Dentist: Who Is It?

When you get used to bringing your children into our practice and you become accustomed to seeing one pediatric dentist, you may find yourself occasionally wondering: Hey! That other person isn’t my dentist but she certainly looks like a dentist. Who is she? This lovely individual you are seeing is none other than our associate… Read more »

No, You Don’t Have To Pass Dental Anxiety On To Your Kids

Are you extra anxious when it comes to bringing your kids in for dental care (more than you usually are about dentistry) because you’re worried about them picking up on your dental anxiety? Trust us when we say that you’re not the first parent to go through this. Perhaps coming in to our practice causes… Read more »

Dental Care: Simple, Positive Affirmations To Help Kids Feel Good!

Rest assured, our Dallas, TX team understands that when you’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain to a young child (or a teenager!) about why dental hygiene is so important, it can really take a lot out of you. However, when you give yourself time to rest and recover from what can feel… Read more »

Help Your Child’s Teeth Grow Super Strong: 3 Things To Know!

What’s the primary thing that you want for your children as you think about their growing smiles (and what you’re hoping to help them achieve by the time they’re adults)? You want them to have strong teeth that stay that way, of course! As with just about all of the other details you’re doing your… Read more »

More Back To School Tips? But Of Course!

Yes, we know that just a quick reminder about back to school isn’t really going to cut it. You need some serious reinforcement and you need it now! Beyond getting fillings completed and checkups and cleanings on the books, you might wonder what to do at home now that it’s not just a fun free-for-all… Read more »

Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Anything!

Of course, when you’re doing everything you can to keep your child’s smile health on track, it’s natural for some worry to creep in. You worry about your child developing excellent dental care habits, you worry about your child ending up with a cavity and what that could mean, and when your child shows up… Read more »

Kids and Drinking Straws: Yes , No, Maybe

There are a lot of important decisions that you make about your child’s teeth. You can help them learn to brush properly, and use early office visits to establish a friendly dental routine. You help them eat a healthy diet, so teeth have nutrients to grow strong. Decisions about drinking straws are a small part… Read more »