Bad Breath: 3 Things You’re Overlooking

You know that bad breath is not a good sign in terms of your child’s oral health. However, you know that it’s nothing to let yourself become too frantic about either. So, as you stay calm by try to sort out the problem, you may ask yourself: Once you’ve considered the obvious (but you are fairly sure all is well), what might you be overlooking that’s causing your kids’ smiles to smell so unpleasant? Our Dallas, TX team can help you with ease, when you’re stuck and need some answers for improvement!

#1: Dry Mouth Contributes

You might know that your child’s smile is healthy in terms of being cavity-free because you keep up with checkups and cleanings with us. However, you may not realize that something as simple as dry mouth may be the issue. Whether running the central heat and air tends to cause dry mouth, your child is contending with some serious allergies causing mouth breathing, or your little one needs to drink more water, it’s often a lack of moisture that lets bacteria multiply and causes bad breath! Need help with this? Come in!

#2: Dental Hygiene: You’re Missing Something!

You might think to yourself that it couldn’t be connected to dental hygiene because your kids brush every day, twice a day! However, we remind you that your children’s dental care at home requires more than just brushing. When you miss out on any aspect of complete care, it can allow bacteria to build up and to contribute to bad breath. Check in with your habits to make sure kids are using toothpaste when they brush, that they’re brushing for two minutes each time, and that kids are flossing once a day, as well! (You may also want to peek in to be sure kids are brushing and flossing thoroughly and remembering to brush their tongues, too!).

#3: It’s The Food

You may not realize that there’s something your children are eating that’s leading to bad breath that just never goes away. Sometimes, it’s the most obvious thing you end up accidentally overlooking! Remember, you may not realize that there are onions or garlic in that frozen pizza your kids love or that there’s a particular spicy ingredient in some other dish. Consider the details and, if the yucky breath is an issue, remove that item for a while for some relief! Convinced it is also oral health related? If so, schedule a checkup with us soon!

Address Bad Breath With Some Help From Us!

Remember that your kids aren’t stuck with bad breath for life! Consider our suggestions for things that you may be able to change at home for a solution. Come in for a visit if you need additional help! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda.

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