Playground Hazards: Helpful Tips To Share

Of course, your kids go wild over the chance to enjoy the playground or anything that could be considered a playground-related activity, piece of equipment, or fun backyard toy. You love that they enjoy playing outdoors and doing physical things, as they use their imaginations! However, what you don’t love is that it seems as though just about everything comes with some sort of oral health hazard attached to it. While this is, of course, something that parents simply learn to manage, our Dallas, TX team is happy to remind you that we have helpful tips to keep kids having fun but with a bit of extra safety in mind!

Trampoline: Beneficial Tips

There are some easy ways to help minimize the chance of oral health damage when your kids become trampoline enthusiasts! First, remember that it’s a very good idea to take your child on a quick tour of a trampoline. Explain that the goal is to remain in the center of the trampoline and that the outer rim is hard (and that the ground is very hard, too!). Next, we suggest you consider setting up rules for when kids are jumping or performing tricks to the tune of: Just one person on at a time. That way, there’s a lesser chance of accidental impacts.

Climbing High: Helpful Tips

There’s nothing quite like a jungle gym to pique your child’s interest! Or a backyard fort! Or anything that can be climbed on. Remember to remind kids to use any and all playground equipment as intended. If there’s a tube slide, it’s meant to be slid down (not climbed). Climbing to the top of the jungle gym is only okay if a parent is watching. Climbing onto the very top of a fort, when the fun is supposed to be had inside the fort? A no-no. Setting guidelines in place will at the very least help you avoid visits to our practice for damage.

Swings: Simple Tips!

Remind your kids that swings are meant for swinging. They are not meant for jumping off of! Your kids might not love this, of course, but it’s a good plan to keep their oral health safe.

Need Help? Just Call!

Remember, when oral health accidents happen, we’re here for you! Call us to schedule an emergency dental visit, when you need it!

Seek Our Advice For Kids’ Smile Protection 

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