3 Times You Get Our Round Of Applause

The last thing you might expect by the time you get your child to our practice for a dental care visit is a round of applause. Instead, you may be wondering if someone has been hiding in the bushes, watching as you struggle to get your crying child into the car and buckled up, before both of your kids announce they need to use the restroom (leaving you looking furious), and all you want is to arrive at our practice on time. While your perspective may feel a bit fraught with worry and upset that things didn’t go more smoothly, remember that our dental team is generally quite impressed! We see parents every day and we know that the struggle is real! So, today, enjoy a quick pat on the back in areas you may not even realize you deserve one!

#1: Getting Your Kids To Our Practice

As mentioned, we know perfectly well that there are good days … and then challenging days … when you are a parent! If you show up to our practice to see our team for any type of dental care need, then just pretend you can hear us clapping! We know that the journey often includes a lot more planning and effort than we can see, so good job!

#2: Getting Through Dental Hygiene Every Day

So, you’re managing to successfully convince very young children with only a handful of years of experience on this planet to brush and floss and often without any pushback or tears? Again, good for you, and just imagine we’re applauding you from afar! It’s not always an easy task but promoting your children’s best dental care at home supports the care they receive from us and teaches them valuable habits for life!

#3: Following Up With Any Care Beyond Checkups And Cleanings

Maybe you find that you end up coming back to see our team for the placement of dental sealants at some point. Perhaps your child develops a cavity and you end up scheduling an additional, future appointment for a dental filling. We know that this is not always easy. However, when you follow through, you deserve a round of applause! It may be challenging but the results of giving your child exceptional oral health protection are immensely significant! Good job!

Feel Good About Your Dental Care Efforts

Remember that your children need professional care! We invite you to come to our practice for the support and reassurance you need and the treatments your kiddos need for a wonderful experience! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities.

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