Instead Of Worrying: Stick With What You Can Control

Our Dallas, TX pediatric dental care team talks quite frequently about understanding your feeling as a parent. You want to do all of the things you can think of to do so that you feel sure you’ve given your child every opportunity to avoid problems, including in regard to dental care. You wonder, have you provided the best care at home? Have you done the right things in regard to professional care? Then, of course, the “what if” questions set in, such as, “What if my child gets a cavity?” and similar thoughts. We know that it’s easy to fall into worrying when you cannot control every last detail. As a result, we encourage you to instead focus on what you can control for a happier experience!

You Can Control What You Purchase

Our team wants you to keep in mind that one area you can easily control and that can have a positive impact on your child’s dental care is the products you purchase. If you’re not sure that you’re doing a stellar job at the moment, remember to bring this detail up with us during one of your child’s next visits, so we can talk about toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrushes, and more. When you’re buying items for your child’s age, this is a good first step. You should also remember:
It’s beneficial if your child likes the flavors and other details associated with dental hygiene items

  • ADA approved items will most certainly work well
  • Toothbrushes need to have soft bristles
  • Toothpaste should be fluoridated and free of abrasive stuff
  • Kids usually prefer dental floss in fun kid flavors, such as bubble gum

You Can Manage Your Time

We remind you that you can manage your time at home, which plays a huge role in the success of your child’s dental care away from our practice. What we mean by this is that you can create structure for dental hygiene that streamlines the experience, helping your kids get into a routine, so brushing and flossing simply becomes a way of life (and, thanks to consistent care, their smiles can remain healthy). Set up specific times for brushing and flossing twice a day and make sure kids don’t feel rushed. Time your kids’ brushing with a timer, too (letting them do this with an hourglass is a fun option).

You Can Easily Manage Professional Dental Visits

Remember to set up dental care visits for your kids two times every year for cleanings and checkups. Also see us for any additional visits we suggest. It’s easy and very impactful.

Protect Your Kids’ Smiles With Easy Care Suggestions

We know that it’s easy to fall into a cycle of feeling anxious about your children, which certainly includes their dental care and health. Fortunately, this is something we can help you with when you visit us! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Forest Hills, East Dallas, Mesquite, Garland, Richardson, and more.

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