How Can You Help Your Kids Protect Their Smiles? Part One

Are you the mom who persistently makes sure her kids wear helmets when riding their bikes, and that insists they eat their vegetables, no matter how much they complain? If so, it is clear that you care about keeping your kids healthy and safe. What about their smiles, though? Have you taken steps to ensure they enjoy healthy teeth and gums? Preventive dental care is crucial for kids and adults, alike. Fortunately, dental care isn’t complicated. You just need to help your kids form some healthy habits, early in life, so they can enjoy years of great dental health!

Make Sure They Learn to Brush and Floss

Dental hygiene is crucial to keeping your smile healthy, and it is also important for your kids. Even babies are susceptible to dental health issues, after all, like baby bottle tooth decay. Fortunately, simple dental hygiene can help protect smiles, young and old.

  • For babies, simply brushing the visible teeth with a gentle toothbrush is all that is needed. Even before teeth are visible, you should gently wipe the gums clean with a damp cloth.
  • Around age three is when dentists recommend beginning to use a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste, to help brush your child’s teeth.

School-aged children should be able to learn to brush their own teeth twice a day, and to floss, as well. That said, if your kids are having a hard time mastering the proper brushing technique, try brushing with them, so you can demonstrate healthy habits. You can also ask their pediatric dentist to give them a lesson in brushing, at their next checkup and cleaning.

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