Does Your Child Need Treatment for a Cavity?

Have you noticed your kid exhibiting strange eating habits, recently? For example, is your son who normally begs for second helpings of dessert, suddenly saying “No thanks” to anything remotely sweet? Does your daughter complain of sensitivity or pain when trying to take a sip of iced cold water or a bite from a popsicle? If so, these could be warning signs of dental cavities. Almost one third of the school-aged kids in America are likely to struggle with dental decay. If you suspect your child could be one of them, it’s time to talk to their restorative dentist about how restorative treatment, like dental fillings, could help!

What are the Warning Signs of Dental Decay?

Along with heightened sensitivity or discomfort, other common warning signs of enamel erosion are visible discoloration, such as grey lines along the crevices of teeth, or even white patches on the surface of teeth. If you notice any of these in your kid’s smile, it’s best to schedule a dental appointment, particularly if they are already overdue for a regular preventive cleaning.

It’s also helpful to teach your kids to talk to you about any changes in their smiles, especially discomfort, which is often a warning of dental trouble.

Make Preventive Dental Care a Family Priority

If your child is diagnosed with a dental cavity, a dental filling can likely help restore your child’s comfort and to protect his or her tooth from infection. However, moving forward, it is even better to prevent decay.

This can best be done by limiting their sugar intake and making sure they brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis. It’s also important that they get routine dental checkups and cleanings, though. Most dentists recommend kids have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year for optimum oral health!

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