Got Questions? Ask Your Pediatric Dentist: Part One

Do you ever wonder when your baby’s teeth will begin appearing? Or how often your school-aged children actually need to visit the dentist? Many parents have questions, when it comes to their children’s dental care, yet they are either too embarrassed or too busy to ask them. It’s important to remember, though, that your kids’ pediatric dentist is there to support your whole family, in your efforts to help keep your smiles healthy. So if you do have questions about dental health, don’t be afraid to go straight to your family’s dentist for the answers you need along with the preventive advice you want.

When should I take my child to the dentist?

Most dentists agree that you should take your child for her or his first appointment around the first birthday. After that, kids need to see the dentist just as often as adults, so twice a year at a minimum.

Keep in mind that some children are more susceptible to cavity development, either because of genetics, their diet, or other factors. To best protect your kids, you may actually have to take your child for more frequent checkups and cleanings. Your dentist might also recommend dental sealants for added protection.

How often do kids need to floss?

Kids need to learn to brush and floss their teeth from an early age, as these are important parts of preventive care. Sadly, even most adults admit they don’t floss on a regular basis. This would be akin to only washing 2/3 of your body each time you showered though. Clearly, over time that could create a pretty big problem.

So take the time to practice flossing with your kids, and make it a priority to do so everyday moving forward. It is an incredibly important way to protect the teeth and gums from acidic tartar buildup that can lead to cavities and other problems, as well.

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