Are You Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Did you and your kids have a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day? Perhaps Groundhog Day is your family’s favorite, or the Super Bowl is the main event, of note, in your home each February. As a parent, though, it can be helpful to know that February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, a time dedicated to helping children learn about the importance of oral care and how they can best protect their smiles. This year’s initiative is particularly straightforward. Organizers are emphasizing the importance of drinking more water, and specifically the smile benefits that can come when kids – and their parents – pick good old tap water!

Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Tap Water

In most American cities, fluoride is added directly to the tap water. Fluoride is an organic compound that helps to protect teeth from demineralization, which can make them susceptible to cavities and other damage. So, simply drinking water can actually help kids protect their teeth from cavities and other common dental problems.

Water is essential to the body’s wellbeing and one’s oral health, as well. Plus, each time your child drinks water instead of soda or another sweetened beverage, he or she is avoiding sugar that can increase the chance of dental decay.

To learn more about National Children’s Dental Health Month, or to print some of the fun resources, like coloring pages, designed specifically for kids, visit

Make Sure They Brush, Floss and See the Dentist

Teaching your kids to brush and floss each day, and providing them with healthy foods, is also great for protecting their smiles. Of course, routine dental visits are still essential to preserving their oral health.

So make sure you take your kids for regular checkups and cleanings, to keep their smiles looking and feeling their best!

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