Responding To Common Dental Emergencies

dallas dental emergencies for kids

When your child injures a tooth, or complains about pain in one, then this could be a dental emergency that needs attention, otherwise the tooth could become infected. We want to see you right away, but we also have tips for easing discomfort following a cracked or chipped tooth. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist talks about responding to dental emergencies and the steps you can take to reduce the risk of an injury down the road.

Give Us a Call!

When a dental energy happens, which is essentially any injury or damage to the teeth or gums that isn’t life threatening, then contact our team right away. If this happens outside of normal business hours, leave a message and will reach out to schedule a time to see your child quickly, so we can offer treatment to prevent complications and preserve their tooth.

Common Dental Emergencies and Responses

A cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, or a restoration that becomes loose or lost, are common injuries kids experience, as are teeth knocked loose or out. When these situations happen, have your child rinse with warm water and use a cloth or bit of gauze to stem any bleeding. A cold compress against the side of the face can reduce swelling, and your little one can take an age-appropriate pain reliever. If a tooth is damaged, see if you can recover any pieces and bring them with you. If a tooth is knocked out, pick it up by the crown only, never touch the roots. Rinse away dirt and debris under running water, but keep any tissues in place. Put the tooth in a sealed container of salt water or milk, and bring it with you to the office.

Often, our team can offer treatment with composite resin or a crown to repair the tooth and preserve the smile, preventing major complications down the road.

Athletic Mouthguards

Often, dental damage occurs when kids are playing full contact sports or other activities that could risk injury. To help lower the risk of dental damage, be sure your little one wears a mouthguard. You can buy athletic mouthguards at any sporting goods store, or we can help create a custom one to offer a greater level of protection. Also, good oral health can fight tooth decay and limit the chances of a cracked or chipped tooth. If you have any questions about dental emergency care and how to respond when a child injures a tooth. then contact our team today!

Does Your Child Have A Dental Emergency?

Our team is ready to repair damaged teeth to protect kids from tooth decay and dental infections too. To learn more about preventing or easing dental emergencies, then please contact your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist, Dr. Marr, by calling (214) 321-4880.


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