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3 Things To Keep In Your Phone

When it comes to keeping all of the details of everything in your life and your children’s lives accounted for and organized, the challenge can often feel a little intense! The good news is that we can offer you a streamlined way to keep up with the most important details of your child’s dental care… Read more »

Are You Ready For A Dental Emergency?

We know that the very last thing you ever want to think about is your child experiencing a dental emergency. However, the one thing worse than this occurrence is feeling completely unprepared to handle it should it happen to you and your child. The good news here is that getting ready ahead of time (it’s… Read more »

Why Your Child May Need Emergency Dentistry

You can give children the knowledge and tools necessary to keep their smiles healthy for life, but unfortunately, accidents and emergencies can still occur without warning. In addition to protecting young smiles with regular preventive care, we also schedule emergency visits to help ensure that children can always receive the expert dental care that they… Read more »

Does Your Child Need Emergency Dentistry? Part Two

Even if you know your child needs to visit the dentist as soon as possible, due to a dental emergency, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do in the meantime. In fact, there are likely a few simple steps you can take to help preserve your child’s damaged tooth and to make sure their… Read more »

Does Your Does Your Child Need Emergency Dentistry? Part One

Emergency situations are never fun, particularly as a parent. It’s hard to see your child suffering, regardless of the cause or situation. Fortunately when it comes to dental emergencies, there are often some simple steps you can take to help care for your child and keep him or her calm. You can also increase the… Read more »

Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy? Part One

Ah, cavities! They are so common that nearly 90 percent of adults will experience them, and sadly, more than 40 percent of kids under twelve will also struggle with them. Prompt treatment can make recovery simple, though. Often all that is required to restore the smile, after a cavity, is a simple filling. Unfortunately, the… Read more »

Reasons To Schedule Immediate Care

When your child tells you that he or she is suffering from a toothache, you might find yourself pulled in several different directions. Contacting us immediately might feel like an overreaction but waiting too long can make you feel like you’re not protecting your child. The good news is that watching for common signs of… Read more »

Quiz: Emergency Dentistry

Have you ever heard a parent make that statement along the lines of, “I just turned my back for two seconds,” referring to their child getting into a bit of mischief? This is because – as you know – even if you watch your child like a hawk, accidents can still happen. Even if you… Read more »