Added Protection Against Disease

Just like adult smiles, tiny grins need a standard regimen of routine preventive care at home, such as brushing or flossing, coupled with regular dental maintenance visits in order to ensure their healthy development. While you and your little one might be on top of your preventive dental game, sometimes little grins need an added boost. In this week’s blog, your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist is looking at additional ways you can help protect your child’s smile against disease, ensuring a lifelong smile for the long run.

Protecting from Decay

By now, most families are aware that routine brushing and flossing are the first step to take to ensure a healthy smile, but did you know that there are a number of other factors that contribute as well? In fact, things such as diet, beverages consumed, physical activity and accidents, and more can all cause harm to your smile. Foods that contain high levels of acidity such as many fruits can break down the healthy enamel present, just as sugars in candy and other sweet treats feed oral bacteria that cause cavities. During your child’s 6-month checkup, his or her dentist will carefully but thoroughly examine any signs of harm or damage, as well as potential options to give their grins a boost. One of these options includes the use of a dental sealant, which can be applied in a single visit. This treatment entails painting a thin layer of a dental protectant on the back molars so as to create a barrier that prevents bacteria from nestling into the nooks and crannies of the back teeth. For more information on this option, contact our team today.

Preventing Teeth from Weakening

Another option your child’s dentist will offer is what is known as a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral present in tap water and most tooth pastes. It works to help the sections of the teeth in which enamel has weakened, providing an extra boost of strength and protection from bacteria. Not only does it help to strengthen your enamel through a non-invasive process, but it can be performed in a single office visit! For more information, contact our office today.

A Strong, Healthy Smile

Instilling excellent oral health habits such as brushing or flossing at home is the number one way to ensure healthy development, but that does not mean a dental sealant or fluoride treatment can’t be utilized to help give a small boost of strength. Contact Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX by calling 214-321-4880 to schedule your little one’s appointment, or learn more about our comprehensive pediatric services that can help keep your child’s beautiful grin happy and healthy for a lifetime of smiles.

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