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Birthday Parties And Sugar: What Can You Do?

When you have your kids with you, it’s so easy to make all of the decisions regarding how much sugar they can have (and more). Granted, that doesn’t mean there are never tears or “please!” moments involved but you’re in charge! Now, let’s talk about what happens when your kiddos are at birthday parties. You’re… Read more »

Why Cavity Free Is Best

You may have moments during which you wonder to yourself why it’s so important to put so much effort into preventive care. After all, dental fillings are there to pick up the slack when all doesn’t go according to plan and your child ends up with a cavity. While we certainly have only wonderful things… Read more »

Why Flossing Is So Important For Kids

You may find the process of teaching kids to floss and then following through on daily flossing to be a bit of a challenge! You may feel even more torn regarding this facet of dental care at home if you’re an adult who isn’t always consistent with your flossing habits. The good news here is… Read more »

Now Offering White Zirconia Crowns!

Yes, you may know that it’s exciting that your children have access to white zirconia crowns for their smiles, should they need them! However, you may not be able to put your finger on the reasons why. Of course, if you are not highly informed regarding restorations like crowns (unless you’re a dentist, this is… Read more »

Stocking Stuffers: On Second Thought…!

There are some gifts that you may reach for on autopilot every year, as you shop for stocking stuffers for your kiddos. What you may not realize, however, is that if we were there guiding you, we might steer you away from many of those decisions because they bring with them some heavy oral health… Read more »

Remember These Things During A Toothache

There’s nothing like a toothache to throw a major wrench into your plans, to send you into overdrive in trying to soothe your child, and to leave you wondering what to do next. We know this because like just about every other parent in the world, when this happens to your kid, it can feel… Read more »

Kids’ Cavities: 3 Things You Should Never Do

We know that you may be getting very good at coming up with surprising parent solutions that you can’t imagine having conjured up before your little ones were born! In some cases, your ingenuity will serve you well. However, when it comes to addressing problems like your kid’s cavity, you’re going to want to steer… Read more »

Easy Changes For Cavity Prevention

You may feel guilty if your child has experienced tooth decay and then required a dental filling. The news you are likely hoping to hear is that there are probably some easy changes you can make to ensure this doesn’t happen again. You may also want us to tell you that it’s okay and that… Read more »

Dental Hygiene And Tears: Things To Consider

Of course, in the daily goings on at home with little ones, you may find that one of the biggest challenges you face is somehow getting through dental hygiene with your children. That is, getting through it without tears, without upset, and without Mom or Dad feeling completely exhausted. While some less-than-stellar experiences may simply… Read more »

Why Provide Decay With Immediate Treatment?

We know that your life is a busy one and that checking every last task off of your list means you have to push certain chores up to the top of that list, while others fail to register as priorities. When it comes to scheduling a dental filling for your child’s tooth decay, we urge… Read more »