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Your Kiddos’ Grins: How To Avoid Frantic Feelings On Valentine’s Day

Yep, we know it: Valentine’s Day will be here shortly, which means just about everyone is going to be indulging their sweet tooths and going full-force into what you may only be able to think of as a sugary oblivion. When you have kids, of course, any feelings of being overwhelmed by this potential oral… Read more »

Sugar And Too Much Exposure: It’s The True Culprit!

Let’s talk about sugar for a moment. If you have children and you don’t happen have kiddos who magically dislike sweets (or you don’t have a strict no-sugar policy in your home), then this is going to be one very frequent topic. If you are like many parents, then your understanding regarding sugar and tooth… Read more »

A Sweet Treat That Prevents Cavities: Could It Be True?

Of course, you have heard about ways to satisfy you child’s sweet tooth (and your own) without causing any damage. However, you may not know about how to indulge in a sweet treat and do so while actually preventing tooth decay just yet! Sound too good to be true? We are happy to report that… Read more »

Why You Should Definitely Treat That Cavity Before Halloween!

Does your child have a cavity? Do you keep meaning to call us up to schedule your child’s beautiful white dental filling but you manage to forget about it or put it off because you have so many other things to do? While our Dallas, TX team can absolutely comprehend of a very busy schedule,… Read more »

2 Things To Consider As Halloween Approaches

You’ve probably been noticing it for much longer than you care to think about: Halloween candy has been lining the shelves of your local grocery store for weeks now and we’ve only just made our way into September! As an adult, of course, you can simply ignore the holiday aisle full of sugary delights. However,… Read more »

3 Ways To Cope When Your Child Gets A Cavity

In most instances, we spend time talking with you about how to help manage your child’s oral health. We love discussing prevention, how to guide your child toward healthy smile care habits, and are more than pleased to discuss what you should do in the case that your child ends up with an issue like… Read more »

Xylitol: So Many Times When You Can Enjoy It!

What’s xylitol, you ask? Why, allow our Dallas, TX pediatric practice offer you some very interesting facts: It’s a sweetener that’s all natural. It also happens to be good, not bad, for your oral health (which means, when your kids consume it, you don’t have to feel frantic like you do with other sources of… Read more »

Sugary Cereal: How To Deal With This One!

Of course, you want your kids’ smiles to look healthy and to actually be healthy. You don’t want your kiddos to go through any of the sensations that can come with dental cavities either, if you can help it. So, what to do when your kids are absolutely mad about enjoying a certain sugary cereal… Read more »

Why See Us For That Filling Before School Starts?

We know. It’s hard to believe! We were just welcoming in the summer season and now, here we are, talking about back to school plans. Fortunately, there’s still some time left to soak up what’s left of the glorious time off from school! There also happens to be just enough time to schedule and come… Read more »

Chewy, Sticky Snacks: Navigating This Childhood Favorite

The second your child points to the chewiest, stickiest candy selection in the world as the ideal treat of the moment, you know that you’ve got your work cut out for you. Just one glance and all you see is tooth decay, damaged braces, and a tired jaw. What’s a parent to do when all… Read more »