A Guide to Healthier At-Home Snacks for Kids

When you think of keeping your child’s smile healthy, good dental hygiene may be the first thing that comes to mind. While it’s important, however, hygiene isn’t the only thing your child needs to maintain a healthy smile. During this time when all of us are spending much more time at home, we take a look at a few ways you can use the time to introduce a healthier snacking routine for your children, and help improve their oral health by improving the quality of their nutrition. (more…)

3 Things Children Need for Healthier Teeth

Most parents understand that their children need their help and guidance to learn how to care for their teeth properly. Brushing and flossing are not natural instincts, even if they are essential to keeping our natural teeth healthy. However, children need more than just lessons at the bathroom sink to learn to care for their teeth properly, or to successfully prevent common concerns from threatening their smiles. (more…)

Are Toothaches Really Preventable?

Your child’s oral health isn’t predictable, and as their teeth and oral structures grow, there may be one or more conditions that arise and need correction. However, some common conditions, such as chronic toothaches and the issues that often cause them, can usually be prevented. When successful, preventing things like toothaches and other concerns can help save your child from a world of discomfort, and from the need for more extensive dental treatment if the cause of the toothache grows worse. (more…)

Helping Your Child’s Teeth Protect Themselves

Despite the fact that common dental concerns, like tooth decay, are so common, natural teeth actually have plenty of resources for defending themselves against harmful oral bacteria. For children, protecting their teeth and maintaining their good oral health is especially reliant on these resources. The strongest and most important defense your child’s teeth have is the enamel that surrounds and protects the main structures of their crowns. When it’s healthy, this enamel can repel almost any harmful oral bacteria and prevent many of the issues that could impact your child’s smile if it grows weak. (more…)

At-Home Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Smile Healthy

The most common tip for taking care of your child’s smile at home is to teach them to brush and floss their teeth properly, and to make sure they do so every day. However, that oversimplifies what good dental hygiene means, and the challenges you can face in getting your child to stick to a daily routine as mundane as brushing and flossing teeth. Today, we take a look at a few other, lesser-known things you can do at home to help safe-guard your child’s oral health. (more…)

Good Hygiene and Flu Prevention Tips

As a family dental practice, the principles of good hygiene are always an important focus, both for ourselves and our patients. During the flu season and the current risks of spreading illness, it’s especially important to remember and stick to good hygiene and preventive practices. Today, we re-examine some of the most important good hygiene and flu prevention tips, and how you can practice them every day to help keep you and your family safe. (more…)

What To Do If Your Child Has A Toothache

When your child expresses that they are experiencing dental pain, you may be tempted to write it off as growing pains or a tooth becoming loose. However, there are dangers to ignoring oral pain, as it could be a sign of serious tooth decay or even an infection. So, in today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentists will explain some of the causes of a toothache, and how we can handle it when you bring your child into our office.


When Your Child Should Visit the Dentist Immediately

To help keep your child’s smile consistently healthy throughout their early lives, you have to schedule and bring them to regular checkup and cleaning appointments at least once every six months. However, like their parents’ teeth, children’s teeth can sometimes experience concerns that are best dealt with as soon as possible. Waiting until the next scheduled checkup may give the problem time to grow worse. Today, we take a look at a few times when you should bring your child to the dentist’s office as soon as possible to help avoid more serious trouble later. (more…)