4 Winter Events For Your Family

dallas winter eventsNow that winter is here and we’re in for plenty of cold, rainy days, you may be looking for fun activities to do with your kids on the weekends. Since COVID-19 is still a major presence in the Dallas, TX, community, we’re looking at events that can be enjoyed virtually or from a safe social distance! In addition, don’t forget that now is a great time to schedule your child’s first checkup and cleaning of 2021.


Managing an Infected Tooth with a Crown

Próchnica zębów u dzieci, zasady higieny jamy ustnejWhile your little one may be brushing regularly and you are instilling great preventive health care habits, sometimes cavities or other dental concerns can still develop due to a number of other factors, including diet and more. When this occurs, your pediatric dentist may recommend a filling to restore your child’s grin. But what happens when decay or disease has progressed? In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist addresses what to do in the event of an infection, including protecting teeth with a dental crown. (more…)

Added Protection Against Disease

Just like adult smiles, tiny grins need a standard regimen of routine preventive care at home, such as brushing or flossing, coupled with regular dental maintenance visits in order to ensure their healthy development. While you and your little one might be on top of your preventive dental game, sometimes little grins need an added boost. In this week’s blog, your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist is looking at additional ways you can help protect your child’s smile against disease, ensuring a lifelong smile for the long run.


Three Festive Holiday Events in Dallas

Woman legs in home interior with fireplace.Woolen socks and jeans.Free space for your decoration.Christmas cold winter night.Copy space.With Christmas eve finally here and the global pandemic still at large, holiday events may not be as full as previous years. While this is fortunate in keeping families and loved ones safe, it does not have to mean that safe, socially distant events can’t be enjoyed. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda will look at three festive but safe events your family can participate in to celebrate the holidays!