Can Your Child’s Severely Decayed Tooth Be Saved?

Child's Severe Tooth DecayOne of the most important reasons why prevention is such a heavy focus of your child’s dental health care is because, once a problem like tooth decay develops, it’s impact must be addressed immediately. The longer it takes, the more advanced the decay or other concern can become, and the treatment needed to address could be more extensive than expected. In the case of treating children’s teeth that are affected by decay, prevention and prompt treatment are especially important. Today, we examine why, and what your options may be if your child’s tooth becomes severely decayed and needs saving. (more…)

Should Baby Teeth Get Dental Crowns?

Knowing that your child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are going to fall out eventually to make room for their adult teeth can sometimes lead to false assumptions. For instance, if a baby tooth becomes damaged or compromised in some way, parents may not think it’s important to address it since the tooth will be gone soon anyway (unless the child complains of discomfort). While it’s true that primary teeth are almost like practice teeth for your child’s smile, their presence until the moment they’re ready to fall out is vital to your child’s immediate and long-term oral health. (more…)

What to Consider if Your Child Needs a Tooth Filling

The good thing about modern dental care for children is that most of the concerns they might face are much simpler to overcome than you might expect. That includes cavities, which are the number one chronic concern with children’s and adults’ teeth. When detected and treated early, your child’s cavity may be addressed conservatively with a biocompatible, tooth-colored filling. A custom-designed filling can do a lot to stop your child’s cavity from growing and becoming a bigger threat to their smile. However, the success of a tooth filling depends on addressing the cavity in your child’s tooth before it has a chance to become more severe. (more…)

We Offer Stronger Smiles With Fluoride Treatments

Last week, we explained how dental sealants help protect little smiles from the onset of tooth decay. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at another unique preventive treatment option: fluoride treatments! Your Dallas, TX, dentist will explain how we apply this protective varnish to your child’s smile, and what you can do to help protect them from cavities.


What Should Kids Snack On Instead of Sugar?

Keeping your child’s teeth safe from things like cavities can take more than just teaching them how to brush and floss properly. For example, it’s just as essential to help them develop discipline and restraint when it comes to things like eating too many foods with processed sugars. These can quickly lead to weakened tooth enamel and faster cavity development, even if your child diligently brushes and flosses their teeth each day. To help your child learn to avoid eating too much sugar in their foods and beverages, it’s important to teach them what they should eat, instead, to help promote healthier, cavity-free teeth for life. (more…)

What’s Really Behind Your Child’s Toothache?

When a tooth aches, the causes for it can often be similar. However, for both children and adults, knowing the specific cause of a toothache isn’t always as simple as it might seem. A tooth can become sensitive and achy for a wide range of potential reasons, and guessing the cause may only lead to more harm than good. Today, we examine a few common concerns that may be behind your child’s toothache, and why addressing them requires a personalized, specific approach. (more…)

How Do Dental Sealants Help Prevent Cavities?

Children are prone to cavities, and being on summer break only increases their risk, as now they have more time for snacking and indulging their sweet tooth. Since schools in the area have been closed since March, your little ones have essentially had a jump on summer break! Fortunately, your Dallas, TX, dentist has a few treatment options to help protect smiles from cavities.


Things that Could Wear Your Child’s Teeth Down

When it comes to helping your child preserve their healthy, natural smiles, sticking to good dental hygiene practices is one of the most important tips. The harmful bacteria that make up dental plaque are a constant threat, and require consistent attention to successfully control them. However, good dental hygiene can’t always protect your child’s teeth from other threats, such as habits that could end up wearing their teeth down and making them weaker. Today, we examine a few such habits and the types of damage they could cause if not addressed. (more…)

Why Cavities Are Such a Common Concern

The focus on cavities in your child’s routine dental care is an especially important one. That’s because the tooth decay that causes it affects more than 90% of people to some degree by the time their adults. The good news is that treating cavities is typically easy, and preventing it can be successful with the right care and maintenance. Today, we examine why cavities are such a common concern despite being highly preventable, and why your child may rely on your help to protect their smiles from them. (more…)