How Drinking Milk Can Help Kids Fight Cavities

The fact that food can influence your child’s dental health is no secret. Parents spend much of their time warning their children not to eat too much sugar or they can quickly develop cavities. However, not all food and beverages are harmful to children’s smiles. Healthy smiles of all ages need certain minerals and nutrients to remain healthy, such as calcium and phosphate (which are the building blocks of teeth and their enamel). These same minerals are found abundantly in dairy, which is why drinking milk could be one of the most important ways for kids to fight cavities!

Calcium and Teeth

Healthy teeth are the strongest parts of the human body—particularly the enamel that surrounds and protects them. In fact, tooth enamel is the second-most resilient substance on earth, next to diamonds. Enamel is made almost entirely of mineral crystals, and the only way for it to stay strong is to replenish those minerals. Because our bodies don’t naturally produce calcium, it must be ingested through our diets, and milk and dairy are among the most abundant sources.

Other Cavity-Fighting Methods

Encouraging your children to drink more milk can improve their chances of preventing cavities, but it takes more than just a healthy diet. To fully protect your child’s smile, it’s important to brush their teeth at least twice every day and floss at least once. It’s also important that you bring your child in for a checkup and cleaning appointment at least once every six months, or as often as the dentist recommends.

Help Your Kids Fight Cavities Better

Drinking milk and refraining from sugary, sticky snacks can go a long way in helping your kids fight cavities. To learn more, or to schedule a checkup and cleaning for your child, call Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880.

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