Questions About Your Child’s Dental Care

As children develop their first set of teeth, maintaining regular visits to the dentist becomes increasingly more important. Like their parents, children should attend regular checkup and cleaning appointments, and if necessary, receive treatment to address a cavity or other dental issue. However, because of their continuously developing primary and permanent teeth, children’s smiles require certain unique considerations. Most parents realize this, but often still have questions about their children’s dental care and what that care entails, which we’re happy to answer!

How often do children need checkups and cleanings?

Typically, children should follow the same schedule as their parents for checkups and cleanings—at least once every six months. Biannual exams allow your child’s dentist to ensure proper growth and development, and to spot any signs that could lead to trouble if not addressed. In some cases, such as when a cavity or other issue is present, your child may need to attend more frequent appointments.

When is fluoride a good idea?

Fluoride is a common treatment for children who have an increased risk of cavities. The mineral application bonds to protective tooth enamel, strengthening it against the acids that oral bacteria produce. After a careful examination, your child’s dentist can determine if fluoride is a good idea to help your child avoid cavities.

Do fillings work for baby teeth?

If your child develops a cavity in a primary tooth (or baby tooth), then a filling may be necessary to restore it. Although baby teeth are meant to fall out eventually, the tooth decay that causes a cavity can spread to the permanent tooth developing underneath it. Placing a filling in the baby tooth will not only save the tooth until it’s ready to fall out, but also help preserve the health of your child’s permanent teeth.

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