3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Dental Checkups

As young children quickly grow out of infancy and begin developing their primary teeth, it becomes imperative that parents begin as soon as possible to take care of those teeth. Part of that care is teaching children to brush and floss regularly. Another part is keeping their teeth and gums clean for them until they can do so for themselves. And, yet another part is helping children grow accustomed to visiting their dentists regularly for routine checkups and cleanings. It’s important for parents to know that dental checkups are vital to their children’s oral health, and sticking to them can have lifelong benefits.

1. Everybody needs checkups.

One of the most common reasons why children don’t receive the dental care they need at a young age is because their parents don’t realize that it’s time to take them to the dentist. The truth is that children as young as three years old should begin attending checkups so their dentist can keep a close eye on their oral health development.

2. They can prevent more serious dental issues.

The entire point of regular checkups and cleanings is to prevent serious issues from threatening your child’s smile. Every day, plaque forms on teeth, and the oral bacteria it contains try their hardest to attack and weaken tooth enamel, gum tissues, and more. In addition to brushing and flossing teeth every day, checkups and cleanings are the most effective way to prevent oral bacteria from leading to tooth decay or gum disease.

3. Dental checkups can improve overall health.

When dental disease is present, particularly gum disease, it can have an impact on your overall systemic health. Excessive oral bacteria (which results from inadequate hygiene) can also increase risks of illnesses such as respiratory trouble. Keeping your children’s mouths clean and disease-free can have long-lasting benefits in helping them reduce their risks of serious health complications in the future.

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