Why Your Child May Need Emergency Dentistry

You can give children the knowledge and tools necessary to keep their smiles healthy for life, but unfortunately, accidents and emergencies can still occur without warning. In addition to protecting young smiles with regular preventive care, we also schedule emergency visits to help ensure that children can always receive the expert dental care that they need! If your child experiences an emergency, then call our office immediately to schedule a visit.

Tooth intrusion

When a primary tooth is forcefully pushed back into the jawbone, the condition is known as tooth intrusion. The force of the impact can damage the ligaments and socket that support the tooth, and while it may still eventually fall out, your child’s dentist may have to restore the tooth’s structure or extract it.

Tooth displacement

If your child suffers an impact that forces one or more teeth to the side or at an angle, then the tooth has become displaced. Tooth displacement can damage a tooth’s socket or force it partially out of the jawbone, exposing its pulp and leaving the tooth vulnerable to severe infection (internal tooth decay).

Tooth fracture/break

Sometimes, traumatic force can leave the tooth’s root in place, but crack, fracture, or break the exposed crown. The tooth’s crown won’t heal itself, so to prevent further damage and your restore your child’s bite, the dentist may suggest placing a lifelike dental crown over it. The crown will absorb bite pressure and protect the primary tooth until it is ready to fall out naturally.

Tooth avulsion (knocked-out tooth)

If a primary tooth is prematurely knocked out, or avulsed, then the loss can disrupt the proper growth and development of your child’s jaw and permanent teeth. Depending on your child’s specific situation, the dentist can recommend an appropriate treatment to ensure that the loss doesn’t cause more serious complications later in life.

Call Us to Make an Emergency Dental Appointment

If your child has a dental emergency, then contact us to schedule a dental appointment immediately! We’re highly experienced at helping children through emergency situations and preserving their short and long-term smiles. Call Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880.

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