When Will My Baby’s Teeth Begin Coming In? Part One

As a first-time parent there is so much to learn, from how hot to make your baby’s bath to how often your newborn will need to be fed. Of course, you are also likely to wonder when your baby will be reaching milestones, such as rolling over, crawling, and eventually standing on his or her own. What about your baby’s smile, though? Are you curious, even clueless, about when to expect teething to begin, much less how to help your child cope with this uncomfortable part of growing up? If so, your child’s pediatric dentist can be a huge help in your quest to keep your child healthy and comfortable, both during the teething process and far beyond.

When Can You Expect to Start Seeing Your Baby’s Teeth?

Most babies will erupt their bottom center teeth before any others, followed closely thereafter by the top center teeth. Though the timeline for these “first teeth” can vary, most parents can expect this to happen when their children are between four and seven months old, with the average timeframe for the front teeth erupting being at about six months old.

That said, there is no reason to panic if your child ends up erupting teeth before or after this mile marker.

You can also anticipate that all of your child’s teeth will likely be visible by the time he or she turns three-years-old, though again there is no need to worry if your child reaches this milestone slightly earlier or after most other kids.

If you were curious, you can also anticipate that your child will lose all his or her baby teeth around the time of his or her twelfth birthday.

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