Can Fluoride Be a Substitute for Children’s Fillings?

Do you spend a great deal of time worrying about your kids’ teeth, namely whether or not they will struggle with cavities? In fact, have your school-aged children already experienced troubling or uncomfortable tooth decay? Sadly, some studies indicate that nearly one third of the children in American will deal with decay before they have even reached adolescence. Fortunately, many pediatric dentists now offer an alternative to traditional metal fillings, for helping kids cope with cavities. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised, as a parent, to learn how a product called silver diamine fluoride (SDF) could help ensure your kids can enjoy their meals, again, without pesky dental discomfort getting in the way.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Help Protect Against Cavities

When adults are diagnosed with cavities, dentists generally use fillings to help address the tooth decay. They can be made of composite resin, which provides a natural look, or metal, which tends to be longer-lasting. However, many pediatric dentists and parents, alike, prefer to use a more temporary approach for addressing dental caries in children, one that does not involve drilling. Plus, it is often favorable, if possible, to choose something other than a long-lasting stainless steel filling or crown for a tooth that will eventually fall out.

SDF provides an alternative to fillings; one that is generally faster and more affordable than drilling, followed by a filling. In fact, the most noted concern with this approach is that it can blacken the tooth. Fortunately, with children’s baby teeth, this is not always a major concern, especially if it is the back teeth affected, since they are less visible.

SDF is a clear liquid which has been classified as a medical device, because of how it can help to halt sensitivity and eliminate discomfort, for many patients.

Can You Prevent Cavities Entirely?

Of course, it is also helpful to keep in mind that with some simple preventive steps, and perhaps a sealant treatment by their pediatric dentists, your kids can increase their odds of avoiding cavities and enjoying great oral health as they grow!

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