Keep Your Family Healthy This Holiday

Will your house soon be home to a host of family members and friends? Or, is your own family set to travel, soon, in order to spend time with loved ones over the busy holiday season? During December, many routines can be shifted out of balance. Sadly, for some families, this includes their dental care. If you want to enter the new year with healthy teeth and gums, though, it is important to care for your smiles throughout the holidays and beyond. Wondering if there are some simple yet important ways to do so? There are. Fortunately, preventive care isn’t complicated or even time consuming. It just requires making some smart choices, both at-home and at the dentist’s office.

Continue to Eat a Well-balanced Diet

It is all-too tempting over the holidays to indulge in lots of sweet treats, and to skip out on healthier foods. Unfortunately, this can increase one’s risk of developing cavities and other dental problems. So this year, try to stick to eating a well-balanced diet comprised largely of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, plus lean proteins and healthy fats. Since sugar is one of the leading causes of cavity development, limit your intake. This means watching what you eat and drink, since many beverages are laden with sugar.

Drink Plenty of Water

Equally important to caring for your smile, is drinking plenty of water each day. Water helps to keep you hydrated, and also enables the body to produce saliva, which is a natural defense against tartar buildup. So while you may feel tempted to reach for cider, cocoa, and all your other favorite holiday drinks, just be sure you are still drinking plenty of water. Your smile will thank you!

Make Hygiene Daily, Even During Busy Seasons

Of course, you will still need to brush and floss your teeth, daily. You should not take a holiday from your dental hygiene routine. Even during long days of travel or after late night holiday parties, taking just a few minutes to brush and floss can help protect your oral health in between dental checkups and cleanings.

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