Does Your Child’s Smile Need Protection?

The kids will be heading back to school soon, which means your family’s calendar is likely to fill up with a variety of activities and exciting new endeavors. If some of those events include athletic competition, your child might require a mouthguard to protect his or her smile. Of course, an existing dental problem is another compelling reason to seek treatment, promptly, before summer is through. Restoration, like a filling or crown, could help improve your kids’ comfort, and perhaps even the appearance of their smiles, before they start a new school year!

Custom Mouthguards Could Help Protect Your Little Athlete’s Smile

For active kids that will soon be involved in athletic endeavors, a custom mouthguard might be needed. Mouthguards are created to help protect the teeth against damage such as chips and cracks, and they aren’t just important for professional athletes. Any student involved in athletic activity could likely benefit form a mouthguard. These devices can be particularly useful for kids participating in full-contact sports, though, like football and hockey.

Now is a great time to schedule an appointment with your children’s pediatric dentist, if they are going to need mouthguards before starting a fall sport!

Could Restorative Treatment Improve Your Kids’ Smiles’ Function?

If your child has been complaining of a dental problem, or if you’ve noticed damaged teeth, you should also schedule a dental visit as soon as possible. A dental filling or crown might be needed to help protect the tooth against further wear, and to help eliminate your child’s discomfort while chewing. In some cases, restorations can be used to improve a child’s confidence, as well, by hiding noticeable imperfections or damage to the teeth.

Keep in mind, the sooner your child seeks treatment, the more likely the dentist will be able to save even a badly damaged tooth.

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