Help Your Kids Smile Confidently Again with Smile Restorations: Part Two

No parents want to watch their kids struggle with dental health issues. Sadly, many kids will be diagnosed with cavities, have to deal with chips or cracks, or even require treatment for an infected tooth. Pediatric dentistry is necessary to help treat these and other dental issues, and to restore both the smile’s appearance and health. Fortunately for you and your child, restorative dentistry is often minimally invasive, fast and effective. So if you do discover that your child is struggling with dental issues, simply schedule an appointment with the pediatric dentist as soon as possible, so that your child can smile again, soon!

Dental Crowns Offer Strong Protection Against Infection

While fillings can sometimes be adequate for treating teeth affected by minor trauma or cavities, dental crowns are often necessary when the damage is more extensive. After deep cavities, root canal treatment, chips or cracks, your kids’ dentist may recommend a dental crown.

Crowns work by helping to seal the tooth, and to bear the brunt of one’s chewing, so that chips don’t worsen with wear, and chewing doesn’t allow food particles to enter into the teeth.

There Is an Alternative to Traditional Root Canal Treatment

Tooth infections can be painful and potentially dangerous, as infections in the mouth can be spread through the gum tissue into other parts of the body. Many parents don’t realize that there is actually an alternative to traditional root canal treatment, though, one that is less extensive.

Pulpotomies are a less invasive way for a pediatric dentist to eliminate a tooth infection, while maintaining the healthy portions of the tooth. This is frequently recommended for kids struggling with tooth infections.

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