Should Your Kids Do More to Protect Their Gums?

Strong teeth and healthy gums are both essential to maintaining great smiles. Unfortunately, many children and adults alike fail to care for their gums effectively. This is why many Americans struggle unknowingly with gum disease, a serious condition that can cause inflammation, infection, and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease can also have a negative impact on one’s entire body, because infections in the gum tissue can be carried to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent gum disease. You just need to teach your kids how they can best care for their entire smiles, including their gums!

Don’t Let Them Skip Out On Daily Flossing

Tooth brushing is obviously an essential part of one’s dental hygiene routine. Dental checkups and cleanings are also essential for kids and adults alike. Flossing is just as important, though, yet it is frequently overlooked. If you want your kids to enjoy great oral health, be sure they learn to floss at least once a day. When gums are healthy, flossing should be simple and painless, and should not result in any bleeding. In fact, if your kids notice bleeding while flossing, this could be due to improper technique, or because they have already developed gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, which leaves the gum tissue irritated and inflamed.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs of Trouble

Teach your kids to talk to you when they notice changes in their smile, such as sensitivity or bleeding while flossing. It is important your children learn, at an early age, what a healthy smile looks and feels like, so that they can let you know when there could be a problem. Even many adults wrongly believe that bleeding gums aren’t cause for concern, which is unfortunately why many struggle unknowingly with gum disease for years.

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