Just for Fun Facts About Dentistry: Part Two

Does your mind ever wonder while you’re brushing your teeth? Are you ever curious just how much floss is sold, for instance, or how many bacteria are actually in your mouth? Maybe you would just love some fun dental facts to share with your kids, the next time you are also trying to explain to them the importance of taking great care of their teeth and gums. If so, the good news is that your pediatric dentist is a wealth of information, from helpful preventive care tips to fascinating facts about oral health, in general.

A Few More Fun Facts to Share with Your Kids

  1. Ever wondered how much floss is used each year? It’s estimated that over 3 million miles of floss is purchased every year in North America. Sadly, some studies indicate that less than 15 percent of people actually floss daily. That is especially troublesome since studies also indicate that flossing just once a day can help increase a person’s life expectancy by six years. So the moral of this fact is certainly to floss more.
  2. There are many more bacteria in your mouth than you might realize. In fact, there are more than 100 million bacteria in a single drop of your saliva!
  3. If your kids love random facts here is a good one for them, and perhaps extra delightful news for you! While sugary treats can be bad for the teeth, some dark chocolate may actually be able to prevent tooth decay. Just opt for no-sugar or low-sugar added varieties.
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