Sugar And Too Much Exposure: It’s The True Culprit!

Let’s talk about sugar for a moment. If you have children and you don’t happen have kiddos who magically dislike sweets (or you don’t have a strict no-sugar policy in your home), then this is going to be one very frequent topic. If you are like many parents, then your understanding regarding sugar and tooth decay may only go as far as “sugar can cause cavities.” What we would like for you to recognize is that sugar itself isn’t exactly to blame. Keep in mind that it’s only when bacteria have time to eat leftover sugar from your mouth (which they digest and then release as a harmful acid, which leads to decay) that you have a problem. So, then, what’s the major concern? It’s the length of time your children’s teeth are exposed to that sugar! Consider some new information from our Dallas, TX team that is sure to offer helpful enlightenment!

The Longer It’s On Your Child’s Teeth…

As mentioned, the longer the sugar your child consumes is on teeth, the longer the bacteria in your son or daughter’s mouth have to feast on it. The more feasting, the more acids are produced. The greater the acidity and the longer acids are in contact with teeth, the greater risk for tooth decay. Remember, we all have quite a lot of bacteria in our mouths! Plaque is full of it. While some of it is perfectly harmless if not beneficial, it’s the dangerous stuff that enjoys those bits of sugar that we’re concerned with, and they happen to be there every day!

How To Quickly Limit Sugar Exposure

You know that if you brush and floss your smile, you’re getting sugar and all sorts of particles, debris, and even plaque washed from your smile. When your children practice dental hygiene, this is what they’re doing, too! It’s a fantastic and easy form of tooth decay prevention. However, it’s not always easy enough. What to do when you’re at a restaurant, a party, a friend’s house, etc.? You cannot exactly stop what you’re doing all the time to go brush. Instead, you have two very helpful solutions that our team suggests:

  • First, you and your children should get into the habit of drinking water (and swishing it back and forth) after you consume anything with sugar or other bacteria favorites like starches
  • Next, if you chew sugarless gum (this is only going to be helpful for you and bigger kiddos) after a meal or snack, it helps remove sugar and other bits of food left behind!

Prevent Tooth Decay With Pediatric Preventive Care!

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