A Sweet Treat That Prevents Cavities: Could It Be True?

Of course, you have heard about ways to satisfy you child’s sweet tooth (and your own) without causing any damage. However, you may not know about how to indulge in a sweet treat and do so while actually preventing tooth decay just yet! Sound too good to be true? We are happy to report that a lollipop (or lozenge) treat called Loloz can actually do just that. Hoping for a little more information because you’re not exactly convinced at the moment? No problem. Our Dallas, TX team has some introductory answers to your questions (and will be more than happy to discuss this treat more during your child’s next dental visit).

Questions and Answers

Question: What are Loloz all about? I’ve never heard of them before.

Answer: Loloz are available as lollipops or lozenges. They are meant to give you and your kids something sweet to eat, while helping you prevent the development of tooth decay, in addition to gum concerns.

Question: What types of flavors are they available in? Are they artificially flavored or natural?

Answer: These are all-natural “candies” that come in orange, berry, and lemon.

Question: What is it about Loloz that allows them to help prevent tooth decay?

Answer: The treats contain an active ingredient that’s called Cavibloc, which is extracted from licorice root. When you eat it, the ingredient attacks the harmful bacteria present in your mouth that encourages the development of decay and other hygiene-related illnesses.

Question: Should I just eat one or offer one to my kids whenever we feel like it? Or, do we need to eat them consistently?

Answer: To gain the greatest protection from Loloz, you suck on one twice a day (in the morning and then at night). You do this for 10 days. Repeat this four times annually for excellent decay prevention! Have more questions? Just let us know!

Question: Is there anything else I should do to protect my child’s smile?

Answer: Of course! Keep up with twice-a-year dental checkups and cleanings, which offer immense preventive protection. We also suggest dental sealants and fluoride treatments. As you know, brushing and flossing at home is also a key factor in keeping cavities from forming.

Learn More About Decay Prevention With Our Team

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