Answering Questions That Your Kids Ask You

Do you know how to answer when your child asks you questions about brushing his or her teeth, whether braces will ever become necessary, or otherwise? In some cases, you may worry about your responses. For instance, if you assume your child will not need orthodontics but we later say that braces are essential, your child may not be very happy. Our suggestion? Allow us, your pediatric dentist and team, to offer some assistance for responding to common, difficult-to-answer inquiries.

Question #1: “I’m a teenager, so why am I still seeing a pediatric dentist?

Our Response: When your child becomes a teenager, he or she will begin feeling more grown up and may wonder why appointments are begin made with a pediatric dentist instead of with the doctor you see. This is very simple to address. We see patients up to the age of 18 because oral structures continue to grow and develop into late teens and early adulthood. We have specialized training to guide this growth, ensuring the healthiest smile for your son or daughter.

Question: “Can I please have a soda?”

Our Response: Has your child developed a love for soft drinks? Perhaps you were at your little one’s soccer game, where a coach or parent was passing out sports drinks full of sugar. While it is always best to avoid drinks full of sugar – water is preferable – you can still allow your child to indulge from time to time. Just make sure your child rinses his or her mouth with water afterward (and then brushes 30 minutes later if you have time). Treat sugary drinks like dessert instead of the go-to option with meals for an easier experience.

Question: “Do I need braces?”

Our Response: It’s often hard to answer these questions on your own, which is why we suggest scheduling a consultation with us, your pediatric dentist and team, to speak about your child’s alignment. We can then answer all of your child’s questions (yours, too) for definitive responses.

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