Make The Most Of 2015

Here comes 2016! You will get to celebrate with a clean slate, your child will have another birthday, and you will have tons of new memories to make. What you may have overlooked as you prepare your winter holiday shopping list is that, as we wrap up 2015, your benefits will not be extending into January, February, March … well, you get the idea. Do yourself a favor – take a quick moment to give some thought to your child’s dental insurance plan, so you ensure you get the most you can out of dental care coverage for this calendar year.

Use Those Benefits Today – Not Next Year

The way dental insurance typically works is that you receive coverage for the current year. In many instances this means that treatments must be performed and complete before 2016 rolls around for your benefits to apply. While we are always happy to file your insurance for you, we cannot speak to your unique coverage. If you have specific questions about the dental insurance coverage you have set up for your child, we suggest you call your insurance company’s customer service line immediately, so you are fully informed about your remaining benefits.

Allow Us To Make Some Suggestions

Are you happy we reminded you about using your dental insurance benefits before 2016 is here? Not sure how to get the most out of your child’s coverage? Ask yourself the following questions and you might find that you do, in fact, have some remaining visits to schedule:

  • Has your child received his or her second six-month preventive care visit? If not, schedule it today!
  • Have you been thinking about dental sealants or fluoride for your child? Get these treatments on the books right away.
  • Have you been meaning to schedule a restorative treatment like a filling? Call us today.
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