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Dental Sensitivity: What To Do?

Have you recently discovered that your child is experiencing dental sensitivity? Perhaps chewing has become uncomfortable. Maybe every time your child drinks something from the refrigerator, the sensations that follow are not very pleasant. We know that seeing your child feel anything other than happy and comfortable is not easy to handle. Fortunately, we are… Read more »

Baby Teeth Quiz: Let’s Review!

When you’re looking at your little one’s smile, you have a hard time coming up with anything that is even nearly as cute! As a result, you want to do anything and everything you can to protect those little teeth and that adorable grin. So, what to do? You might find yourself unsure about whether… Read more »

3 Reasons To Introduce Water Flossers To Kids

Have you recently started wondering whether your kids might be ready for a water flosser? Do you instantly have visions of them having water fights with these fun little wands, immediately wondering if perhaps you have had a momentary lapse in judgment? While you might have to set some ground rules for the purpose of… Read more »

Off To College: Back To School For Your Little Grownup!

Not sure what to do now that your kids are grownup? When your 18-year-old heads off to school, the usual dynamic of parent-taking-care-of-child’s-smile starts to shift. Fortunately, the dental care transition can be an easy one for everyone! Take some hints to heart.

Chapped Lips? We Can Help.

Does your little one have chapped lips but you’re not really sure what to do about it? Is it a severe case or is it quite mild? The last thing you want is for your kiddo to feel uncomfortable, so we understand if you’re feeling a little frantic for a solution. While a very serious… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Your Phone

When it comes to keeping all of the details of everything in your life and your children’s lives accounted for and organized, the challenge can often feel a little intense! The good news is that we can offer you a streamlined way to keep up with the most important details of your child’s dental care… Read more »

School Lunch Quiz: Beverage Choices

Do you find yourself tossing a juice box into your child’s lunch, wondering if it’s a safe choice for your son or daughter? Have you begun feeling lately like everything you think you know about oral health and what’s really safe for growing smiles seems to be a bit mixed up? Not to worry! This… Read more »

Allergies And Your Kids: Things To Consider

Do your little ones get the sniffles, the sneezing, and the itchy, watery eyes during allergy season? Or throughout the year (this is Texas, after all)? If so, you may recognize the usual symptoms and problems associated with allergies. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that they can also have some effect on your… Read more »

Offering Quick Answers For New Patient Questions

Are you a busy parent looking for a dental practice for your child? We know that the initial process of meeting with a new dental team and getting things set up can feel a bit stressful, which is why we would like to provide you with a helpful Q&A session for new patients. For the… Read more »

Taming The Sweet Tooth

A sweet tooth is when you get a hankering or craving for something sweet. Adults get them and so do children. Recent studies show that children may be biologically wired to crave something sweet to gain the energy they need to grow. During growth spurts, children may get a sweet tooth more often. However, with… Read more »