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Feel Confident About Restoring Your Child’s Oral Health!

We definitely know that you might feel less than exceptional about bringing your child in for a restorative dental care visit! It’s not because you want your child’s current oral health issue to go untreated. It’s not because you have anything against dental care! It is, however, because you worry about the details. You want… Read more »

Is Root Canal Treatment a Good Idea for Kids’ Teeth?

Root canal treatment is a popular solution for adults who experience severe tooth decay. When the infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, which is the chamber that houses the nerves and blood vessels, removing the infected tissues is the most effective way of stopping it from growing worse. However, conventional root canal treatment can… Read more »

Dental Fillings: Time Sensitive Details!

When you learn that your child requires a dental filling for tooth decay, you may assume it’s okay to prioritize a long list of other things before you follow through on scheduling a visit. Unfortunately, this may not work out as well as you might hope! Fillings are time sensitive and, since we are well… Read more »

Your Child’s Tooth Infection: How And What Now?

When you think of serious dental issues, tooth infections, and the like, one of the last things you envision is your child’s nearly pristine grin! How on earth could such a cute, little, brand new tooth become infected, you wonder? Well, the thing is, little ones’ teeth are faced with the same types of problems… Read more »

Your “Why” Questions About Tooth Extractions

If you have “why” questions about tooth extractions, it is a perfectly reasonable collection of inquiries to end up with. When we tell you that we need to remove your child’s tooth, you wonder an awful lot about a ton of different things. Don’t keep them to yourself. Bring them to our Dallas, TX team’s… Read more »

Using A Life-Like Filling To Restore Your Child’s Tooth

How should you respond if your child suffers a cavity? This can be a real concern – tooth decay can cause real problems, even if the tooth in question is a baby tooth that will come out on its own. Cavities can be painful, and if they go untreated, complications with your child’s dental health… Read more »

Children’s Crowns: Don’t Let Your Experiences Worry You

You may not have had the best of experiences with your own crowns growing up or even as an adult. While we understand that this may strongly influence your feelings about restorative care in general, we encourage you to start with a clean slate, should your child require a dental crown. Before you assume your… Read more »

Things To Remember: When A Crown Is Your Child’s Best Option

When we tell you that a dental crown is the best solution for your child’s smile, you may look at us in disbelief. If you think of crowns as treatments that adults get but you never really considered them a viable option for your child, we encourage you to remember that this is very common!… Read more »

Questions About Fillings: Stuff You Feel Shy To Ask

You probably know a bit about dental fillings just through your own experiences (or, of course, if you’re lucky or quite serious about your smile care, maybe you’ve never had a cavity!). Wherever it is you fall within the spectrum of filling experience, there may be some questions that hang around in your mind every… Read more »

Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

We often receive a variation of this question from our patients’ parents. If baby teeth just fall out anyway, do they really need treatment when a cavity forms? The answer is a resounding yes. Even baby teeth need to be treated, otherwise your child could develop a number of uncomfortable and serious oral health complications.