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Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Does your child appear to struggle with some amount of dental anxiety even though you are so sure you have done nothing to bring about this issue? Don’t worry. The dental environment is a brand new place and children (adults, too) have wild imaginations. Remember, as well, that kids hear all sorts of things from… Read more »

When To Expect Baby Teeth to Show Up

It’s an exciting time when an infant’s first tooth comes in. For most babies, teeth start to appear at about six months. A pediatric dentist might refer to this as a tooth eruption schedule, but don’t expect anything like a volcano. Tooth eruption refers to the approximate timetable of when baby teeth begin to appear… Read more »

Quiz Time: Xylitol

Xylitol pops up in the news every now and then. It is an additive that takes the place of sugar, making some things (chewing gum, for example) a bit less likely to harm teeth. Your pediatric dentist is always looking for ways to help keep young teeth healthy. Regular checkups and cleanings are one way… Read more »

Resolutions For Parents And Teens

Your little ones won’t necessarily be chomping at the bit to come up with New Year’s resolutions for their smiles! However, you and your teens can certainly sit down and talk over the things you think might make an impact on your oral health, as well as anything else that happens to fit the topic…. Read more »

Smile Smart Holiday Tips!

The holidays are a cozy, snuggly, carefree, fun time when you’ve got kids at home! However, they’re also a time when you find yourself feeling a little frazzled when it comes to monitoring everyone’s sugar intake. How to make this time of year exciting without overloading everyone, kids and adults included, with the usual confectionary… Read more »

Is There A Young Performer at Your House?

Do you know a child, who is interested in learning more about life in and out of the limelight? This workshop will give children a chance to participate and dig in to learn more about theater, music and performing in front of audience. You can help channel your child’s creative energy with the LOL: After… Read more »

Make Halloween Month Yummy (And Safe)

You’re going to be hearing an awful lot about Halloween from your kids throughout all of October because, well, it’s not until the very last day of the month! Of course, they’re also counting down the days until they get to have people simply hand over candy to them just because they exist and look… Read more »

2 Things We’d Rather You Didn’t Do

We know that it can be tricky to figure out whether you’re overreacting or if you’re under-reacting and, as a result, leaving your child’s oral health vulnerable to possible problems. Generally speaking, we say that if it is something you don’t know how to do or are not trained to do, call us to schedule a… Read more »

It’s Autumn: Keep Our Tips In Mind!

Yes, we know that the very last thing you want to think about once autumn makes its exciting appearance is telling your kids, “No” or telling yourself the same thing! We agree that this is a very cozy and lovely time of year. We also agree that the many snacks and invigorating details that come… Read more »

Your Child’s Dental Care: Has It Been A While?

We are not here to judge or make you feel bad! To the contrary, we are here to provide your child with dental care, to answer your questions, and to guide your child toward optimal oral health that stays in wonderful condition. Regardless of the reason you have not brought your child in for smile care… Read more »