Category: Family Dentistry

Tips For Teen Dental Care

We often spend time helping you figure out what to do for your little ones when it comes to maintaining healthy smiles. When you visit your dentist, you receive suggestions for your adult smile. One thing that may be getting overlooked just the slightest? You may really need some extra help in the form of… Read more »

Who Do We Like To See At Our Practice?

When you find yourself considering seeing our pediatric dental care team for your child’s cleanings, checkups, and more, you may wonder who we take on as new patients. Should you call to set up a visit, you wonder? Are we going to welcome your little one or do we have some type of stipulations? The… Read more »

Spring Cleaning With 3 Meanings

One of the major benefits of spring is that, whether you’re feeling like it or not, it spurs us all on to participate in a little spring cleaning! The scary accumulation of odds and ends, dust, grime, and more are swept and scrubbed away with a little extra elbow grease, leaving everything sparkling and fresh…. Read more »

Kids’ Spring Sports: 2 Helpful Suggestions!

Here comes spring! It means so many things, especially when you have children. The weather is easier to handle, you stop dealing with kids accidentally losing their coats and gloves, our landscape looks much more beautiful, and … of course … spring sports begin! Is your child planning on participating? If so, we have some… Read more »

The Bathroom: Protect Little Kids

Like everyone else, you keep your dental hygiene products (and you practice your dental care) in the bathroom! This is no big deal if you’re an adult or even a big kid. However, if you have little kids heading into the bathroom with potential access to products like toothpaste and mouthwash and more, this can… Read more »

Easy Protection For Jaws And Teeth

Do you ever think about your own jaws and teeth and some of the hiccups have occurred with your oral health throughout your life? Perhaps you occasionally end up with sore teeth or fatigued jaws. Might these types of concerns affect your children? What can you do, you ask yourself, to ensure your little ones… Read more »

Smile-Safe Fun For Your Little Valentines

Do you love making Valentine’s Day special for your little ones because the day is all about love, and who better to lavish with something special? However, is there part of you that isn’t sure how to make the day safe for everyone’s smile health because your go-to ideas all include desserts? Not a problem…. Read more »

Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Does your child appear to struggle with some amount of dental anxiety even though you are so sure you have done nothing to bring about this issue? Don’t worry. The dental environment is a brand new place and children (adults, too) have wild imaginations. Remember, as well, that kids hear all sorts of things from… Read more »

When To Expect Baby Teeth to Show Up

It’s an exciting time when an infant’s first tooth comes in. For most babies, teeth start to appear at about six months. A pediatric dentist might refer to this as a tooth eruption schedule, but don’t expect anything like a volcano. Tooth eruption refers to the approximate timetable of when baby teeth begin to appear… Read more »

Quiz Time: Xylitol

Xylitol pops up in the news every now and then. It is an additive that takes the place of sugar, making some things (chewing gum, for example) a bit less likely to harm teeth. Your pediatric dentist is always looking for ways to help keep young teeth healthy. Regular checkups and cleanings are one way… Read more »