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Help Your Child’s Teeth Grow Super Strong: 3 Things To Know!

What’s the primary thing that you want for your children as you think about their growing smiles (and what you’re hoping to help them achieve by the time they’re adults)? You want them to have strong teeth that stay that way, of course! As with just about all of the other details you’re doing your… Read more »

3 Ways To Cope When Your Child Gets A Cavity

In most instances, we spend time talking with you about how to help manage your child’s oral health. We love discussing prevention, how to guide your child toward healthy smile care habits, and are more than pleased to discuss what you should do in the case that your child ends up with an issue like… Read more »

Back To School Backpack Drive 2018

Yes, you read that correctly: It’s just about time for your kids to get back to the classroom for the 2018-2019 school year. Can you believe it? Of course, in addition to getting your children’s smiles all ready for a lovely new grade and experience, it also means lots and lots of supplies that your… Read more »

More Back To School Tips? But Of Course!

Yes, we know that just a quick reminder about back to school isn’t really going to cut it. You need some serious reinforcement and you need it now! Beyond getting fillings completed and checkups and cleanings on the books, you might wonder what to do at home now that it’s not just a fun free-for-all… Read more »

Things To Remember When Caring For Your Baby’s Oral Health

You can take steps to provide oral care for your baby before their first tooth even arrives. Gently cleaning their gums with a soft, wet washcloth or piece of gauze will protect them against the formation of bacteria. When your baby’s teeth start to arrive, you will take a careful, caring approach to protecting them… Read more »

Making Sure Your Child Has A Great First Visit Experience

Every patient should be able to enjoy a dental treatment experience where they feel safe and secure, in addition to feeling great about their oral health care. A person’s overall comfort at the dentist’s office can be shaped by their earliest appointments, which is why these initial meetings are so important. At your Dallas, TX… Read more »

Your Child’s Baby Teeth: 3 Things To Remember

One of those moments you wait for excitedly is when those baby teeth show up. You know it’s coming soon but when? While the anticipation can feel fun, it can also cause a bit of worry or frustration for parents. Whether you’re not sure what to expect, you’re comparing your kiddo to another child, etc.,… Read more »

Kids’ Smile Care: Set Yourself Up On This 3-6-9 Month Schedule

Every time you turn around, you find that you should be scheduling this visit every so often, you should be replacing that product within such-and-such amount of time, and you should probably begin getting ready for some other monumental moment within some other particular frequency of time. It can be enough to make your head… Read more »

Dental Care: Why It Might Be Time For A Routine

When you hear that focusing on routine-making can be an extremely valuable tool within dental care for your child, you may think to yourself, “But I already have a daily routine!” If you’ve already got times and practices for smile care all laid out on a day-to-day basis, then you may have already mastered the… Read more »

April Observances That Promote Healthy Smiles

For your kids and for you, too, April may provide some helpful reminders that offer a lot of smile protection! This month of the year, in addition to bringing with it nicer weather, the blooming of flowers, and the promise of sunny days also brings with it some national observances that are most certainly worth… Read more »