2 Things Your Parents Said That You’re Now Saying (That Are True)

You may occasionally catch yourself saying something to your child and you immediately think to yourself, “Oh my goodness, I sound like my mom!” or, “Yep, it’s finally happening, I’m turning into my dad.” This is one of those ever-relatable moments that other parents can connect with because lo and behold, you are a parent now and you will find out that some of (or perhaps a lot of) those things your parents said to you really were for your benefit! However, there may be a little tiny part of your brain that wonders: Am I right? Or, were my mom and dad wrong and now, I’m wrong, too? Fortunately, when it comes to your child’s smile care, we can help you feel much better by highlighting some of those parental things you’ve been saying that are certainly spot on!

#1: If You Don’t Brush, Your Teeth Will Rot!

We assume this is one of the last things you tell your children after you have already so lovingly tried to convince them in so many other kind and thoughtful ways to brush and floss their teeth! However, this may slip from your lips. It’s true that if a person does not brush his or her teeth, plaque will take over and will become tartar. Then, bacteria will eat away at teeth. This decay will progress and can lead to significantly damaged teeth and even tooth loss. Fortunately, if your kiddos keep up with smile care, there’s nothing to worry about! Phew!

#2: Everybody Has To Goes To The Dentist!

You may remember your parents telling you that you had to go to the dentist for smile care and that everyone has to go. Now, you are telling your kids that they’re not the only ones but that all of their friends have to go, and you go, etc. However, you may wonder: Is this true? Or, are there only certain people who actually need professional dental care? The truth is, everyone needs it. Every single person requires checkups and cleanings in order to maintain good oral health. You’re spot on!

Let Us Help You Feel Confident About Smile Care

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