3 Ways a Tooth Filling Can Save Your Child’s Smile

The fact that tooth fillings save teeth that have developed cavities is well-known. In fact, most adults have at least one filling in their teeth, due to the fact that cavities affect a majority of them to some degree. However, you may wonder if a filling can do the same for your child’s smaller primary tooth, or if it’s even necessary given the fact that the tooth will fall out eventually anyway. Today, we explain why treating your child’s cavity with a tooth filling is vital to saving their smile, and three ways in which a biocompatible filling can do so.

1. It saves the tooth that has the cavity in it.

The most important, and perhaps obvious, reason for filling your child’s tooth is to save it before the cavity causes extensive damage to the tooth structure. A cavity is caused by an infection in the tooth structure, known as tooth decay. The only way to stop decay from progressing is to clean the cavity of harmful oral bacteria and decayed tooth structure, then fill and seal it with a biocompatible filling. In addition to restoring the tooth’s strength, the filling will also protect the structure underneath from being infected again by oral bacteria.

2. It saves the permanent tooth underneath it.

When your child’s cavity is located in a primary tooth, or baby, tooth, it might seem more sensible to remove the tooth, or allow it fall out instead of saving it. However, your child’s primary teeth serve several important functions until the moment they fall out, and when they do, the permanent tooth structure underneath it is already close to erupting. If you allow the tooth decay in your child’s tooth to fester, it can affect the permanent tooth structure underneath it. By the time it erupts, it may already be impacted by chronic tooth decay and require additional treatment.

3. It helps your child avoid more serious treatment.

By addressing any dental concern as early as possible, you can help your child avoid several more serious kinds of oral health concerns. In the case of tooth decay, early treatment with a biocompatible filling can also help your child avoid the need for more extensive treatment later, such as pulpotomy. Similar to root canal treatment for adults, a pulpotomy involves removing infected tissues from the inner structures of your child’s tooth, including the nerves, to address severe tooth infection.

Learn how a filling can save your child’s smile

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