Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

We often receive a variation of this question from our patients’ parents. If baby teeth just fall out anyway, do they really need treatment when a cavity forms? The answer is a resounding yes. Even baby teeth need to be treated, otherwise your child could develop a number of uncomfortable and serious oral health complications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Teeth and Fillings

Question: What causes a cavity?

Answer: Cavities form when poor oral hygiene or injury causes the outer enamel to become compromised. Soon, bacteria can move past the protective layer and reach the more sensitive inner dentin. There, a cavity can form. Not brushing and flossing, consuming food and drinks high in sugar, and not seeing the dentist for cleanings can all lead to the onset of a cavity.

Question: Won’t the baby teeth fall out anyway?

Answer: The primary teeth do eventually fall out, but the key word here is “eventually.” When a cavity forms, the tooth could remain in place for weeks, months, or even years, depending on the child’s age. Without treatment, a cavity will continue to grow more severe until eventually, an infection or abscess forms. The child may begin experiencing even greater discomfort and may lose the tooth prematurely. Since the baby teeth fall out in a specific order, and the remaining ones guide the permanent teeth in place, losing baby teeth prematurely can lead to problems with misalignment later in life. Problems that may require orthodontic treatment.

Question: How does a filling help?

Answer: We can use a filling to treat the decay, preventing discomfort and preventing the problem from growing worse and leading to an infection. Placement only takes a single visit!

Question: Can I help my child avoid cavities?

Answer: Yes! Make sure your children are brushing and flossing daily and properly. Also, bring them in for routine dental cleanings every six months. Finally, offer healthier alternatives to sugary/starchy snacks and soda to cut down on sugar consumption.

Does Your Child’s Tooth Hurt?

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