Stocking Stuffers: On Second Thought…!

There are some gifts that you may reach for on autopilot every year, as you shop for stocking stuffers for your kiddos. What you may not realize, however, is that if we were there guiding you, we might steer you away from many of those decisions because they bring with them some heavy oral health risks! Obviously, you aren’t always using the lens of a pediatric dentist as you shop, so we are here to offer that perspective for you! Consider some items to which you may wish to give a second thought (and some alternatives, too).

Candy Canes: Wait A Second!

We know! This is a classic and Christmas hardly feels like Christmas without them. We’re not insisting you avoid them altogether. However, we want you to remember that candy like milk or dark chocolate that breaks down very quickly is much better than any type of hard candy. Think about your past experiences with candy canes: You suck on the end for a very long time as it slowly melts away, leaving a pointy tip. The problem? The tip can cause cuts, the long-term eating can lead to cavities, and anyone can break teeth if they try to bite through this dessert. Not a very good choice for protecting oral health!

Gifts With Tiny Parts

If you haven’t already read all of the many articles about Fidget Spinners, then you should know: Any toy that your young one can possibly dismantle into smaller pieces is one that should not be placed into a stocking (or wrapping paper, for that matter). Small pieces can be placed in one’s mouth and cause oral health damage (or a child make choke on them). So, become extremely careful about checking for choking hazards when you’re stocking up on tiny gifts, and you can avoid worrying!

Get Our Tips For Safe Gifts For Kids’ Smiles

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