Are Dental Fillings Safe for Children?

Every child’s smile is worth preserving, but no matter how well you teach your children to take care of their teeth, they may still likely develop a cavity at some point. Fortunately, today’s dental fillings are safe and effective even for children. Made from biocompatible resin, tooth-colored fillings are also highly discreet so your child can continue to smile confidently.

What Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Made Of

Fillings have been a regular part of restorative dentistry for centuries, and until recently, they were most-often made from strong metal amalgam. Today, however, tooth-colored composite resin has become a more popular choice for its ability to successfully treat cavities while blending in with natural tooth structure. More importantly, the resin is made from a biocompatible mixture of acrylic and quartz-like particles, which makes it safer for children, women who are pregnant, and patients with metal allergies.

Is It Too Late for a Filling?

With the goal of safely preserving your child’s natural smile, your dentist will recommend maintaining a strict schedule of checkups and cleanings. Regular appointments reduce the risks of cavities by clearing away harmful plaque and tartar, and can give your child’s dentist the chance to spot and treat cavities early, before they become a more significant problem. In some cases, however, tooth decay may grow extensive enough that a filling cannot treat it, in which case your dentist may suggest root canal treatment or pulpotomy for more comprehensive results. If necessary, a dental crown may be placed over the tooth to prevent it from suffering further damage.

Find Out if Your Child Needs a Filling

If your child develops a cavity, then a safe, tooth-colored filling can save it! To schedule a consultation or examination for your child, call Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880.

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