Warnings Your Kids Might Need Restorative Dentistry

Maintaining good dental health is important to children of all ages. Unfortunately, as a parent, it can be difficult knowing when your child might require restorative dentistry. Many kids don’t know when they are suffering from symptoms of cavities and other dental problems. Others may resist informing their parents of potential problems, either out of anxiety about visiting the dentist, or just a misunderstanding of how important restorative action can be for one’s smile. To help ensure they are getting the treatment they need, when they do suffer from oral health threats, it is wise to inform your kids about the role restorative dentistry plays in maintaining healthy and beautiful smiles.

Pay Attention to Changes In Their Smiles

One of the simplest things to teach your kids, is that they need to pay attention to changes in their smiles. Whether it’s noticeable discoloration, like unsightly yellow plaque buildup, for instance, or discomfort when chewing, teach them not to ignore dental symptoms such as these. They’re actually great warning signals that it is time to visit the dentist.

For young children, you should still be helping them brush and floss their teeth each day, which gives you an opportunity to look for warning signs of cavities yourself. However, as your children get old enough to take care of their teeth, themselves, teach them the importance of coming to you at the first sign of trouble, so that you can work as a team to avoid any major dental problems.

Even without visible indication of problems, your kids should also notify you anytime they suffer an injury to their mouths, such as during a sporting event, or an accident on the playground. In some cases, a chip or crack may be visible. In others, intrinsic damage could be done that will only be recognized through a dental x-ray. In any case, it is best to schedule a visit with their restorative dentist, if they have suffered trauma to a tooth or several of their teeth.

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