Does Your Child Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are frequently used as restorative treatment. That’s because they are versatile and strong ways to deal with many dental issues, including chips, cracks, deep cavities or even to seal and protect a tooth after root canal treatment. Yet many parents don’t realize that dental crowns are sometimes the best restorative treatment for their children. If your child has been struggling with a dental issue, or is overdue for restorative treatment, ask your pediatric dentist if a dental crown could help him or her smile and chew more comfortably and confidently, without fear of losing a tooth due to dental decay or another issue.

When Are Crowns the Answer?

Crowns are often recommended after damage caused by dental decay, or even trauma to a tooth. That’s because a crown can help protect a fragile tooth by sealing it against further decay or worsening with wear.

For instance, a crown may be recommended if your child suffered an injury during an athletic event that left his or her tooth cracked or chipped. If a cavity was deep enough to require root canal treatment, a crown helps to prevent food particles and bacteria entering the interior of the tooth, potentially leading to reinfection.

What Can Crowns Do for Your Child’s Smile?

A crown can help to increase the function of the smile, by creating the ability to chew effectively and speak clearly. It also helps to protect a healthy tooth root, which is vital to maintaining the jaw’s structure and health over time.

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