How Do Children Brush And Floss?

kids brushing and flossing

You take time to brush and floss each day to avoid issues like cavities and gingivitis. But your children need to have their teeth cleaned daily too, and for the same reasons! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how to help your kids brush and floss properly at different stages of their life.


Teeth need to be cleaned the moment they arrive, which means oral health care starts as young as age one. At this stage, your child will begin to have the baby teeth erupt, and you should gently clean them with cloth, gauze, or a small toothbrush that fits over your finger. Baby bottle tooth decay occurs when the sugars from milk and juice coat the teeth and unless removed, allow plaque to form and weaken enamel. Cavities can then occur, leading to discomfort and discoloration. You should also bring your child in for his or her first visit at this age!


As they grow, you will need to upgrade to an age-appropriate toothbrush. In the early toddler years, you will likely need to brush for them, but as they grow you can monitor them while they do this. They should brush daily in the morning and at night, and you can often find fun songs to guide them and ensure they do so for at least two minutes. Children should always use a fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen their outer enamel. Kids three and younger need a rice-sized amount, while kids over three need a pea-sized amount. Now that there are teeth sitting side by aside, you can help them floss with a pick to remove trapped food particles. Instilling these habits makes them more likely to care for their smiles as they grow up, and makes them less susceptible to cavities and gingivitis.

Older Kids and Teens

Your kids will need to continue brushing twice a day for minutes, and also flossing every evening. These actions help safeguard the smile and also improve the brightness of the teeth and fight bad breath. They should continue to see us every six months for a checkup. As they approach adulthood, we may recommend removing wisdom teeth too. We’re always here to help you and your family maintain your best smiles. If you have any questions about children’s dentistry, then give us a call today!

Do You Have Questions About Caring for Smiles?

Daily care could help children avoid problems like tooth decay. If you have any questions about caring for a child’s smile, then contact your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist, Dr. Marr, by calling (214) 321-4880.


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