When Do Kids Need Emergency Dentistry?

dallas kids dental emergency

A dental emergency is any discomfort or injury that is not life threatening, but needs immediate attention from a pediatric dentist. We offer emergency care for kids of all ages in Dallas, TX, and surrounding communities. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we examine and repair smiles to help prevent complications from a child’s dental emergency.


When your little one reports a sudden toothache or pain when eating, then have them floss on either side of the aching tooth and rinse with warm water. If this fails to remove any trapped particles or bring relief, then let us know. They can take an age-appropriate pain reliever. Give us a call and we will set up a time quickly to see your little one. This pain could mean the presence of a serious cavity or the early stages of an infection.


If a tooth is chipped or cracked, then have your child rinse with warm water and stem any bleeding with a cloth or gauze. If any pieces of the tooth can be brought with you, please bring them. A cold compress or ice pack could reduce swelling in the face. If a filling or crown comes loose or falls out, then let us know right away and avoid sugary foods and drinks or very hot or cold selections, as the posed tooth will be very sensitive.

 Baby Teeth

If you haven’t brought your child to the dentist in a while, and you notice teeth coming in behind their baby teeth, this could mean the primary teeth are not falling out as they should, a recipe for misalignment. Let us know right away. If you attend checkup and cleaning visits every six months, then we can identify issues with the loss of baby teeth or the eruption of the permanent teeth quickly, correcting them before the smile’s alignment is compromised.

Treatment Options

In many cases, we can treat cavities in one visit with white fillings. We also have dental cons of more severe decay or infection, or to correct an injury. These options help prevent complications like tooth decay or infection, and let your child continue to smile with confidence! Seeing us now for treatment means a chance to use your 2021 dental insurance benefits before they expire, so be sure to give us a call soon before the holiday season gets too hectic. If you have any questions or concerns at all, let us know!

Talk to Your Dallas, TX Dentist’s Office About Emergency Dentistry

Our team would like to help protect smiles, even when issues occur outside of normal business hours. To schedule a visit for your little one and keep his or her smile healthy, then contact your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist, Dr. Marr, by calling (214) 321-4880.


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