Pulpotomies Provide Conservative Root Canals For Kids

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When a child’s tooth suffers from more than a simple cavity, but an infection too, then treatment could prevent premature tooth loss and prevent major discomfort. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how we offer a conservative alternative to traditional root canal with a pulpotomy.

The Causes and Risks of Dental Infections

A cavity forms when the outer enamel is compromised, either through poor oral hygiene habits that weaken it, or through an injury that cracks or chips the outer structure. As harmful bacteria reach the sensitive inner layer of dentin, this causes a cavity. The decay then spreads with time and once the bacteria reach the inner pulp, the collection of living tissues at the center of a tooth, infection occurs. For children, this could mean baby teeth falling out prematurely, which impacts how permanent teeth erupt and could lead to misalignment. Major discomfort arises too, and the infection could eventually spread to other parts of the smile.

Treatment with a Pulpotomy

If your child reports pain when he or she eats, or persistent aches and sensitivity, then let us know. Other symptoms include swelling around the aching tooth, or a poor-tasting discharge from it. When these potential symptoms develop, come see us right away. We will examine the smile thoroughly and then identify the presence of an infection. If we find one, we will move forward with the pulpotomy treatment. We start by using a local anesthetic and sedation to help your child feel relaxed and comfortable, we will open the tooth to remove the infected tissues from within. We then add a special medicated filling, and will cap the tooth with either a stainless-steel crown or possibly a NuSmile zirconia one. This procedure preserves both inner and outer structure, offering a more conservative option to traditional root canal therapy.

Schedule a Visit Soon

When you bring your children in for checkups and cleanings every six months, we can identify issues like tooth decay in the earliest stages, providing care before an infection threatens your child’s smile. Now is a great time to schedule the last exam and cleaning of 2021, before the holiday season begins and before you lose your remaining 2021 dental insurance benefits. If you have any questions, then contact our team today! We look forward to helping your children start 2022 with a better smile!

Talk to Your Dallas, TX Dentist’s Office About Endodontic Treatment

Our team wants to help your kids preserve your smiles and avoid infection, so they enjoy a whole and even smile. To schedule an appointment and bring relief to your child’s smile, then contact your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist, Dr. Marr, by calling (214) 321-4880.


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