When Your Child Needs Emergency Treatment

dallas kids emergency careA chipped or cracked tooth, or one that hurts or is knocked loose, needs immediate attention. Our team offers emergency dental care, even when the injury happens outside of our normal business hours. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist talks about when a kid needs emergency treatment, and how to ease your child’s discomfort.

Common Examples of Dental Emergencies

When should you bring your little one in for an emergency visit? Some more obvious situations include chipped or cracked teeth, or a tooth that is knocked loose or out completely. These need attention right away to prevent major complications. But you should also contact us if your child complains about a sudden and serious toothache, or if there is something caught between the teeth that cannot be removed with floss alone. In addition, if orthodontics break or a filling or crown is loosened or falls out. When these situations occur, then give us a call right away so we can schedule a time to see your child.

Addressing the Discomfort

You can also take steps to help ease discomfort in your little one’s smile. For example, when a tooth is injured or knocked loose or out, have your child rinse with warm water, and use cloth or gauze to control any bleeding. To prevent facial swelling, make sure your little one places a cold compress or ice pack to the side of the face. If you can recover any pieces of a tooth, bring them with you. If a tooth is knocked out completely, then place it in a glass of salt water or milk and bring it with you. If a filling or other restoration is compromised, avoid eating or drinking very hot or cold food and drinks, or items high in sugar, until we can see you. The exposed tooth will be very sensitive!

Our Treatment Options

For minor cracks and chips, we could use dental bonding to repair the tooth in one visit. We have custom crowns for more severe damage as well. We can replace older restorations that have become loose or fallen out as well. In many cases, we can address the damage or injury in one visit. Treatment then helps lower the risk of complications like tooth decay or dental infection. To help keep your child’s smile safe, make sure he or she wears a mouthguard when playing sports or martial arts! If you have any questions, then please give us a call today.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Pediatric Dentist About Emergency Dentistry

At our Dallas, TX pediatric dentist’s office, our team wants to help kids with chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth. To find out more about protecting and repairing little smiles, please contact your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist by calling (214) 321-4880.


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