A Look At When Kids Need Emergency Dentistry

What should you do if your child chips a tooth, or knocks one out? These are examples of common dental emergencies, and situations that need attention right away. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist will explain how we treat emergency situations, and what you can do ease discomfort before seeing us.

Common Emergency Situations

What constitutes a dental emergency? Well, they can be as simple as a sudden and unexplained toothache, or even an object lodged between the teeth that you cannot remove with floss. A chipped or cracked tooth needs emergency attention, as does any lose or missing fillings or crowns. Basically, any damage or discomfort related to the teeth or gums that isn’t life threatening, but could cause serious complications if not addressed quickly.

Responding to Them at Home

Often our response at home helps ease discomfort until your child can see us for treatment. For example, if your child has a toothache, have them rinse with warm water and floss on either side of the tooth. If this fails to alleviate pressure or discomfort, let us know right away. If an object is stuck between the teeth, only use floss to try and remove it, using anything else risks damaging the teeth or gums.

If your child damages a tooth, then have him or her rinse with warm water and use a cloth or gauze to stem any bleeding. Placing a cold compress or ice pack against the side of the face could also help by reducing swelling. If you can recover any pieces of the tooth, then bring it with you to the office.

If a filling or crown is loose or lost, let us know right away and make sure your child avoids sugary foods or drinks, or very hot or cold items, as the exposed tooth will be quite sensitive.

Now, if a tooth is knocked out, then pick it up by the crown only and never touch the roots. Place it in a glass of milk or salt water and ring it to the office with you. In route, your child can again use cloth to ease bleeding or a cold compress to control swelling.

For all cases of discomfort, an over-the-counter and child-appropriate pain reliever is recommended too.

Treatment at Our Office

When you arrive, feel free to let your little one bring in a special stuffed animal, pillow, or blanket to help him or her feel at ease. We will examine the smile and create a personalized treatment plan. Often, we can address minor damage in only one visit!

Do You Have Questions About Dental Emergencies?

Our team wants to help repair smiles and ease your kid’s discomfort as soon as possible. To learn more about our approach to common emergency situations,  by calling Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880. We proudly serve patients who live around Casa Linda and all surrounding Dallas communities.


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