When Does A Child Need A Filling?

Tooth decay often starts minor, unnoticed until the later stages cause painful aches and tooth sensitivity. To prevent cavities from becoming infections and leading to premature tooth loss in your child’s smile, you should talk to your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist. In today’s blog, we will explain when a child needs a dental filling.

The Causes and Warning Signs of Tooth Decay

A cavity develops when poor oral hygiene habits and plaque buildup weaken and erode the protective layer of tooth enamel, allowing bacteria to come into contact with the inner dentin. Likewise, an injury that cracks or chips a tooth could also expose the dentin. As the decay grows and spreads, the tooth could begin to feel sensitive when your child eats or drinks, and could eventually ache. When your little one talks about an aching tooth, let us know. Treatment prevents an infection from arising, one that could mean a premature loss of a baby tooth, and the increased risk of misalignment as a result.

Treatment with a Filling

If your child attends routine checkup and cleaning visits, we will likely uncover a cavity in the earliest stages, before discomfort begins. Otherwise, let us know when your little one complains about pain. If we uncover a cavity, then we will administer a numbing agent and then remove the decay from the tooth. We then thoroughly clean the tooth and prepare the filling material. Instead of metal, we opt for a blend of glass and acrylic known as composite resin. The material is color-matched to blend with the smile and is safe for people of all ages. After we place the material, we will cure the composite resin under a light, and then sculpt the tooth as we do. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more lifelike appearance.

Preventive Care at Home

Steps can also be taken at home to reduce the risk of tooth decay. For example, your child should start and end their day by brushing their teeth for two minutes, and using a rice-sized bit of fluoride toothpaste. Flossing is also crucial every evening as soon as there are teeth sitting side-by-side. Consider providing healthier snack options instead of selections high in sugar and starch. If you have any questions about how we treat cavities in one visit, or about what can be done to avoid them, then contact our team today.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Pediatrician About Dental Fillings

At our Dallas, TX pediatric dentist’s office wants to help your kids avoid painful cavities and dental infections with restorative treatment. To find out more about putting a stop to tooth decay in little smiles, please contact your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist by calling (214) 321-4880.


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