How a Dental Crown Might Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

While prevention is typically the main focus of your child’s dental care, there may sometimes be a need for more involved treatment to address a particular issue with your child’s tooth or oral health. For example, if your child’s tooth cracks or breaks, or experiences some other form of damage, then restoring the tooth with a custom-made dental crown could be crucial in preserving the rest of their oral health. Today, we examine a few ways a dental crown might help save your child’s tooth, and the benefits this can have for their smiles.

Alleviating your child’s chronic toothache

The point of a dental crown is often to restore a tooth that exhibits damage to its structure, which often leads to varying levels of tooth discomfort. By carefully examining your child’s tooth and restoring it with a crown or other appropriate restoration, your child’s dentist can help them find lasting relief from the discomfort associated with it. In cases where a tooth is compromised enough to require a dental crown to restore it, the damage is often more extensive. This means the toothache can also be more intense, and treating the tooth with a custom-made crown may be the most effective way to alleviate it.

Stopping the premature loss of a tooth

If a compromised tooth is left alone long enough, the problem could become severe enough that the tooth is lost on its own, or will require extraction at some point. With children’s smiles, their primary teeth are meant to fall out, which can make it seem like a less pressing need to restore one if it does become damaged. However, your child’s primary teeth need have important roles in preparing their smiles for their permanent ones, and while they remain, they need to function optimally for your child’s oral structures to develop properly. If a primary tooth is compromised, then a dental crown may help your child retain it until it’s ready to fall out on its own.

Restoring your child’s healthy bite function

The specific types of concerns that might affect your child’s tooth can vary. For instance, the tooth might fracture or have a piece broken off of it. Or, the tooth might develop a severe case of decay and become weaker after the infection is removed. In many cases that require a dental crown to restore a tooth, the tooth is compromised enough to impact your child’s overall bite function. This can lead to greater problems with their oral structures’ growth and development, and makes restoring any compromised teeth as soon as possible that much more important.

Learn if a dental crown is right for your child

If your child’s tooth is damaged or compromised in some way, then placing a custom-made dental crown over it could be essential in restoring and improving their oral health. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880. We proudly serve patients who live around Casa Linda and all surrounding Dallas communities.

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