Do Children Ever Benefit From Root Canals?

When we see little smiles with cavities, we often address the problem in one visit with a simple filling. But what if a tooth has more than a cavity, what if a severe infection or abscess has developed? In these scenarios, which would normally call for an endodontic procedure known as a root canal, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist offers a conservative option known as a pulpotomy!

When to Talk to Us About Aching Smiles

If your child frequently complains about sensitivity or aches in a tooth, then please let us know. You should also bring your child in for routine checkups and cleanings, so we can keep an eye on the smile over time and identify possible oral health issues in the early stages.

We start by examining the tooth with digital x-rays, a quick and convenient process that provides detailed digital images. If we find the tooth in question already has a permanent tooth erupting nearby, we may simply remove the tooth to make room for the permanent one. If we find there could be months, or even years, before the tooth in question falls out naturally, then we may recommend the pulpotomy procedure!

The Pulpotomy Process

We start with sedation, since we always want to make sure our patients feel calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. Sedation is an excellent way to address dental anxiety. We then numb the areas around the tooth, and the tooth itself. We then remove the infected portions of the inner pulp, and place a medicated filling material. For some, we may also place a dental crown for added support. The procedure not only halts the rate of decay and infection and stops discomfort, but could also provide greater security, protecting the tooth from the risk of cracks or chips.

Protecting Little Smiles

Did you know that often simple changes to daily routines, and making time for regular checkups and cleanings, can help safeguard your smile against oral health issues like cavities or infection? To protect little smiles, try to limit the consumption of sugary foods and drinks, and also make sure they brush and floss daily. Routine care both at home and in the office helps lower the chances of a cavity or an infection developing, and instill better oral hygiene habits at a young age. If you have any questions, or fi you would like to schedule a visit for your little one, then contact our team today.

Does Your Child Complain About Pain in His/Her Smile?

When a tooth develops a painful infection, a filling may not be enough to address your child’s tooth! To learn more,  by calling Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880. We proudly serve patients who live around Casa Linda and all surrounding Dallas communities.


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