New Smile Changes: Could It Be Fall Allergies?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a lot more to consider in terms of what the autumn season can mean for your child’s smile and oral health than you may have realized! The good news is that once you learn all of these particulars, they are details you will remember fall season after fall season (and that you can even apply to your own smile). One surprising issue you may not have considered just yet? Fall allergies! You expect them in the spring but in our Dallas, TX community, you may end up with them in the autumn, too. Let’s talk about some smile changes you may be noticing, what to do, and the fact that the pollen count may be (at least partly) to blame!

Dental Discomfort: Consider Sinus Pressure

You may assume that your child’s upset over a toothache means a definite cavity. However, before you can say with certainty that tooth decay is behind that discomfort, we remind you to consider fall allergies. When your child is dealing with upper respiratory congestion, it can lead to sinus pressure, which can press against teeth. Particularly when your child complains about upper tooth discomfort, remember that allergies may come into play!

Dry Mouth May Come From Congestion (And Medicine)

So, your child is dealing with fall allergies, which you weren’t really expecting but here you are! You follow through by offering antihistamines. Remember that both congestion and the use of certain medicines can lead to dry mouth, which can make for: Bad breath, a greater chance of tooth decay, and chapped lips. Do your best to clear congestion and to keep drinking lots of water as a family to keep oral health and overall health on track.

Frequent Snoring Starts To Make Sense

You may wonder why your child has started snoring out of the blue. If fall allergies are running rampant, then the aforementioned congestion may be to blame! Remember that as congestion easies, snoring will likely ease, too.

Remember To Check In With Your Pediatrician

We encourage you to check in with your child’s pediatrician, if it seems that fall allergies may be impacting your son or daughter. This will allow you to take the proper approach to addressing them!

See Our Team, Too!

Check in with us about your child’s oral health, discuss fall allergies, and ensure all is well (or set up treatment to reach a goal of a healthy smile). Easy!

Set Up Checkups For Smile Changes

Always come in to see us for dental checkups, when changes you cannot immediately explain with certainty arise. Remember that investigating signs of oral health change is always to your child’s benefit! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda and more.

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